Sitemap - 2019 - Intrepid Magazine

Open water swimming, running for climate activism and lots of opportunities...

Powertraveller Tactical Extreme Solar Charger Review

Embracing Personal Limits


Sunday 7: Marilyn Scott

Home Review: Adventure Film Turned Human Portrait

Highlights from the 2019 Kendal Mountain Literature Festival

Sunday 7: Steph Jeavons

The Women's Sea Kayak Festival

The Final Exam - Q&A with Lia Ditton

Less than 7 seconds of awesome, swimming, running and Mars

First woman to climb 9a: Interview with Emma Twyford

The Annapurna Diaries

World First: Cycling the Great Himalayan Trail

Run Unexpected - A Mystery Trail Run with Salomon

The Big Bang: An Interview with Emma Twyford

Quarry: a Poem on Slate

What tongues look like after 4 consecutive channel swims 😳

Beyond the Maps: Staples in a Fell-Walker’s Bookcase

Taking on the Ring of Steall Skyrace: Managing Excitement and Fear

Sailing Round the World Solo at 77 years old...

Hikes, Bikes and Unclimbed Peaks...

Bikes and Bothies: A Microadventure in Scotland

I'm back!! And so are adventure emails!

Anna Buckingham: How Do You Follow Up the Tor Des Geants?

Slacklining: Why Balance on a Wobbly Piece of Webbing?

Conflict in the Mountains of Georgia

See you later 👋

The Big 5 Challenge - Reeks District Ireland

Your adventures deserve to be told

Comment: The Myth of #outsideisfree

7 Marathons, 6 Days and a Whole Lot of Litter

Running, Swimming, SUP... and a chance to write for us.

Want to Test Gear for Us? (and other adventures)

A Midsummer Night Dreaming: A Solstice Microadventure

There's a sunrise and a sunset...

This can't wait until Wednesday

A Wild Week on the Water: Sea Kayaking Near Glasgow, Scotland

Is it summer yet?

From Fear to Fearsome: Jo Bradshaw Attempts the Seven Summits

Female Success in the Iconic Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race

Adventure Bulletin: Wild Wednesday!

Bikes, Blogs and An Excuse to Go Paddling

Marion Shoote: Sunburnt Rock and Desiccated Peaks – Bikepacking the Pamir Highway

We're Back! Bumper Edition of the Adventure Bulletin 😊

Do Women Walk Solo?

Some adventure for you ✉️

More Gear Testers Wanted! Plus Last Chance for Issue 9..

It's Gear Testing Time!

Rosie Watson: Failing to run the length of the Pyrenees, via the Haute Route

Adventure Enclosed :)

Alpinism, Running, Climbing and more...!

Want to go camping with me?

5 Climbing Films you Need to Watch

Barefoot Running, Mental Wellbeing and more...

Anna McNuff Announces Barefoot Britain Adventure 2019

Lisa George: Come Dive With Me - A Beginners Exploration into the Deep Blue

Update: Salomon VK Race

Hannah Parry: How to Adventure in London

🚣 🚲 ⛺ Adventurous Distraction Enclosed!

Comment: Are Adventures Destroying the Planet?

Can Your Run a Vertical Kilometre?

Behind 'Swimming Through Winter', written by Kirrilee Bracht

Want to Gear Test for us?

20 questions with Beth Pascall - Fastest Known Time to run the Cape Wrath trail (in winter!)


Interview with Alex Feechan - Founder and CEO of FINDRA Clothing

Quickfire questions with pro climber Hazel Findlay

Ocean Rowing, Outdoor Swimming and a looong run!

Jenny Tough: Running across the Bolivian Andes

What would you ask Jasmin Paris?

Sophie Pavelle: Walking the 300 mile South West Coast Path (for an MSc dissertation!)

Iron Girl: Patronising, or attracting more women to sport?

Adventure Films anyone? + Issue 8 Submissions

Catching Up with Anna Wood of WanderWomen Scotland

Gear Testers Wanted! Welcome to 2019.

Tonic of the Sea - A Story of Recovery with Katie Maggs