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In 2016, Emily Woodhouse started blogging about her own adventures and offering guest posts to other women in adventure and outdoor sport. The more guest posts she featured and the more she got involved with the community, something became very clear. There are LOADS of women and girls who are already involved in adventure, in sport, getting outdoors and doing amazing things there. They were jumping up for a platform to share on.

So she did something crazy. She started a magazine, in print, with no experience of ever doing something like that before. Why print? Because there's nothing so powerful as holding the words in your hand. The online world is full of noise. A physical magazine commands attention... and is much easier to leave in cafes, climbing centres and hostels for people to stumble across.

Intrepid Magazine has been up and running since January 2018 and people love it. We're still growing, still making the magazine better with every issue. To support us, please hit that Shop button and subscribe. 

The Ed Team

Emily Woodhouse

- Editor

Emily loves mountaineering, adventure, search and rescue, camping, cycling, cycle touring… oh and knitting. She loves inspiring others to do the things they’ve secretly always wanted to, but felt like they couldn’t. Don’t be scared. Show the world what you’ve got.

Sarah Sharps

- Designer

Sarah is a climber and you can usually find her hanging off a rope somewhere in Yorkshire. She spends most of her spare time volunteering for various groups and has boundless enthusiasm for anything to do with the outdoors.

Cara Gillespie

- Sub Editor

Cara is a travel enthusiast, budding poet and book lover. She has travelled widely and spent time teaching in South America. When not planning her next overseas adventure, she can be found wasting away the hours in a bookshop or getting lost in the British Museum.

Georgina Jackson

- Social Wizz

Georgina also works full time as a systems engineer. When she’s not building plane engines, working on her van conversion or extending her DIY bouldering wall, she can be found climbing and hiking in the mountains, balancing on a slackline, or practising circus skills.


Jean Sellar

- Editorial Assistant

Rosie Watson

- Blog Editor

Rosie's no.1 is fell running, but she also loves climbing, mountaineering and wild swimming. Ideal holiday: Running over huge mountains with a self sufficient pack - bivvying under the stars and swimming along the way. She also works for the 2050 Climate Group, and is passionate about leaving the world a better place.


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