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Established in 2017, Intrepid Magazine began as the answer to one simple question: where are all the women in adventure? It has grown into a platform for the unfiltered voices of adventurous women and a springboard for anyone trying to progress within the adventure space.

Where are all the women in adventure? They’re here.

What is Intrepid Magazine?

This is a magazine about adventurers who happen to be female. We're bored of being stereotyped and of people saying how hard it is for women to do things - things many of us are already doing just fine (and have been for years). It’s not this girl can, it’s this girl does.

So we’re being the change we want to see. Intrepid Magazine is about sharing these voices direct, cutting out the middle man. We want to be positive, provide role models and help others up. This shouldn’t be radical or innovative, but apparently it is. 🤷

Intrepid Magazine is committed to spreading these stories as far and wide as we can. All articles are free to access, read and forward to friends - directly funded by readers who sign up as members.

Emails come out weekly: there is an Adventure Bulletin with news and opportunities, long reads and discussion threads.

👑 Membership Benefits

If you become a paid member of Intrepid Magazine, you’ll get the following:

  • Extra email per month, alongside the Adventure Bulletin

  • Book of the Month - digital access to the first 3 chapters of an adventure book

  • Gear Testing opportunities - review on behalf of Intrepid Magazine and keep the kit you’re reviewing

  • Events, press passes etc - occasionally we get invited to events and functions. We offer these out to members, who report back for the mag

  • Discount codes (gear, books, events…)

  • Access to our Online Library, containing 1400+ pages of reading material

And you’ll also get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re supporting the representation of female adventurers in the media. 🤗

Membership is £5 per month. That’s less than the price of a weekly coffee and far more adventurous..

🌎 Who are Team Intrepid?

We’re an adventurous bunch, connected by wanting to support women in adventure. Occasionally we do things together, like go camping on Dartmoor and get very wet…

The wet Day 2 of the Intrepid camping trip in June 2019. Yes, June.

If you’ve ever thought “I wish I knew people I could go on crazy adventures with” then this might just be the place for you :)

We also have a Facebook Group, where you’re free to chat and share links, films, adventures…

✍️ Contributors

We welcome submissions and firmly believe that if you are reading this magazine, then you certainly could be writing for it – whether it’s a unique perspective or a skill or experience you can share. Reading to the end of this page, including the FAQ section, will dramatically improve your chance of success.

Finished article word count tends to be around 2000 words, but we can be a bit flexible. We pay £100 per article (and our rate will go up as we grow, promise).

To submit your pitch, send an email to contributors@intrepid-magazine.com and ensure to include PITCH and the theme in your subject line.

What we publish

Our themes for 2021 were:

Before you think about submitting, make sure your proposed article fits into one of these categories:

  • Inspire – adventure stories. I went here and did this. It was awesome/hilarious/disastrous (delete as appropriate)

  • Insight – sharing skills, tips and practical advice. Ever wondered about starting [insert adventurous activity] or what it’s like to be [insert adventurer/career]?

  • Pathways – these are long term, even lifetime journeys. Stories of personal change, development, emotions through adventure. They’re deeper than the inspire section.

  • Features – your voices and opinions on topics in the world of adventure. This is typically a deep dive (e.g. adventure and eating disorders) but could be more of an op-ed.

  • Interviews – chatting to adventurous women in the field. This might have a news angle (e.g. someone’s just got an FKT or is setting off on a huge adventure).

We also cover these other categories. They’re still very important but they’re done in a different way, we rarely ever accept freelance pitches on these topics:

  • Gear – we love gear. We love it so much we let our members test it instead of an elite test team.

  • Reviews – yes, gear, but also books, events, films… Our members do these too.

  • News – if you have a relevant press release, then we usually put it in our monthly Adventure Bulletin. That includes adventure announcements and relevant opportunities. Note: if you’re a 1-person adventure PR machine, you can still just send us an email saying “hey, I’m doing this thing”. Don’t feel like you need a full press release.

  • Creative – we’re open to creative suggestions about how to include more creative content (i.e. poetry, art, film etc). If you think you’ve got a great idea, hit us up!

What makes a good pitch?

In your pitch you should briefly answer the following: what your idea is, why it’s interesting, why you’re the person to write it and how it would fit into our current topics. This shouldn’t come to much more than a couple of paragraphs.

Do include links to your previous work/blog/social.

What we DON’T publish

Although we love sharing new voices, we are first and foremost an adventure magazine. Your article must fit squarely into self-powered female-first adventure. In case of doubt, we do not publish articles purely about:

  • Sport (e.g. team games, athletics)

  • Fitness

  • Van life and motorbike journeys

  • Yoga

  • Travel

However, these could be acceptable if they come with a strong outdoor adventure element.

FAQs – Read Before Submitting

Q: Can you republish something that’s already online or in print?

Short answer: no. You can write about topics you’ve written about before, but we ask that you submit something significantly different to what you’ve already had published.

Q: I’m not [insert label here], can I submit?

Yes. Just yes. We accept submissions from anyone, anywhere. You don’t have to be a professional (etc etc) you just need to have a story to tell. What’s important is that you pitch an article that would fit into our demographic. Our articles are all about, or of interest to, adventurous women. Also for international writers, please ensure you have a way of receiving your fee. We pay in GBP.

Q: I’m a PR trying to get coverage for my client. What should I do?

Consider whether you want a shout out or a full article. For articles, ideally your client should submit directly (or you could on their behalf) following the advised format above. For adventure launches, we’d happily do a news item. For business ventures, ensure there is a strong adventure element. You are likely to be more successful if you provide a ready-done snippet that could be quickly added to our bulletin.

Q: When will I hear back from you?

We aren’t able to respond to everyone who submits. However, rest assured that we do keep your pitches on file and may get in touch with you in the future. Feel free to pitch another article if you haven’t heard from us.

Q: When will I be paid?

Contributors will be paid upon receipt of completed article– more details of the process will be sent upon acceptance of your pitch.

Q: I’ve already written the article before pitching. Can I submit the whole thing?

You can pitch a completed article as long as it matches all the above criteria. Please don’t attach the full article though, just make a note that it is already written. The first paragraph or so should be ample to get a feel for the piece.

🔍 Contacts

For inquiries about advertising, media and collaboration please email our editor, Emily Woodhouse, at emily@intrepid-magazine.com

For any support issues or queries with subscriptions or membership, please contact support+intrepidmagazine@substack.com

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