I'm sorry, and what happens now

October 2022

Book of the Month: Paddle the Nile by Sarah Davis

August 2022

Jenny-Anne Dexter asks: Why is it still ‘brave’ for a woman to have a solo adventure? As she cycles along the Danube alone on a week's holiday.
International Mountain Leader, Jen Roberts, takes us through the process of exactly how to plan a trip into the unknown

July 2022

Please say hello on this Open Thread!Inspired by another newsletter, I thought it would be really lovely to have a thread where people can say hello and introduce themselves. Let's make…
Book of the Month: EXPLORE by Sue Stockdale
Jo Moseley tells the story of creating a Stand Up Paddleboarding guidebook for Great Britain. From a scary and exciting dream through pitching…
"It felt like I had needed to break my body in order to free my mind. At that point, if I could do this alone then I could do anything."

June 2022

Go to Love Trails running festival as press

May 2022

Adventure Bulletin May 2022. Book of the Month: Wild Waters
Abbie Barnes tells the story of her cross-UK cycle for green spaces and mental wellbeing, hiking the highest peaks as she went.

March 2022

Alice Morrison shares what it's really like to trek across Morocco and the Sahara, with three Berber teammates and six charismatic camels.