I'm Sandy and I am from and living in Rochester, New York. I found this magazine from re watching Ancient Aliens ! I'm just fascinated by this show and have most of Erich Von Danikan books!

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Hi! My name is Emma and I’m currently in Skardu, Pakistan and midway through an adventure with my partner Trevor. I found Intrepid Magazine thru a connection with Emily. We have a project to trek to the base camps of all the worlds 14 highest mountains over 8000m - www.projectbase8000.com - we have just completed the trek to K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrums I and II and have one more to go here in Pakistan. We’ve also self-published a small book - Life-Changing Adventure which you can find on our other website www.cutlunchadventures.com

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I'm Al. I love adventure, following other adventures, and wondering how we can make the world of adventure 'better' and more useful.

I first heard of Intrepid via being a general fan of the good stuff Emily puts out into the world.

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I should probably say hi too! I'm Emily, I founded Intrepid Magazine waaay back in December 2017. Back then we were a print magazine and I was working a full time job in the marketing department of a financial services company... A lot has changed since then!

I'm a freelance adventure travel writer and I blog at https://travellinglines.com

Some other things:

- I'm based on Dartmoor

- I am currently working towards my Winter Mountain Leader

- I'm in Mountain Rescue

- Adventure-wise I'm up for pretty much anything except bungee jumping and sky diving. I love the mountains but I also love cycle touring as a way to see the world.

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Hi everyone!

Loving reading about everyone's adventures- I can't remember where exactly I first heard of Intrepid, but I'm part of some very fab outdoor communities and online adventure networks, so must be word of mouth from there!

I'm an artist, painting all thing mountains, and currently gathering adventure stories from the Scottish north west for a new creative drawing project. When not in the studio I'll be found up a hill, in a loch or on a bike!

Alongside I work for a mental health charity running their indoor climbing group, working to break down barriers for people to join the sport. I also co-run a womens group for all things nature connection, bushcraft and conservation.

I also volunteer for an outdoor youth work charity, and a paraclimbing club, and host local events for the Love Her Wild community. Inclusion and access to nature for all are my big motivations!

You can find my art at



Love being inspired by everyones adventures,

Kath x

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Hello! This is great, brilliant idea!

My name is Tessa, I'm a creative based in Scotland and spend most of my time in the hills and the outdoors. Whether it's climbing, hillwalking, camping or wild swimming I love to be out and about. I love all of the great updates I get to read about through Intrepid Magazine and it constantly keeps me inspired for adventures! I'm a graphic designer by trade although trying to find a way to combine being creative in the outdoors more and more. Recently that's involved creating watercolour and ink drawing commissioned paintings, which you can see a bit of on my instagram - www.instagram.com/tess.treks

I'm also part of an organisation called Our Shared Outdoors, founded by Kirsty Pallas, which is a group of amazing folk working to champion diversity in the outdoors and amplify a range of voices. We're doing this currently through sharing resources and hosting film events. You can see more at https://www.oursharedoutdoors.org/ or on instagram https://www.instagram.com/oursharedoutdoors/

Look forward to hearing more about everyone else!

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Hi! Firstly, love this!

My name is Jen and I came across Intrepid via a friend on instagram. I am currently in the middle of conducting 12 extreme adventure challenges this year (I am on my way out of the Army after 10 years) whilst raising funds for the Veterans' Foundation. Emily kindly published my Lands' End to John O' Groats bike packing article - thanks again!

All of the challenges are events I have never attempted before (although I will have dabbled at some level). So far I am 7 of 12 down and am off to climb the Matterhorn in August which I think is the one I am looking forward to most - despite my lack of technical climbing ability!

It's been one hell of a year so far and I have really pushed my body hard, but I would recommend doing these mental things to anyone!



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Hi there! My name is Ami. I thought I came across Intrepid Magazine via Twitter, but I just checked and I wasn’t following you on there so I’m not sure now! (Although it could also have been via a Facebook group for female solo hikers.) I really value the feeling of a community of fellow female outdoors lovers, even if I do most of my outdoor-activities on my own...maybe especially because I am often on my own?

I’m from the UK, but moved to Taiwan to be with my then girlfriend, now wife (🤗 it’s only been a few months since I can say that, and it’s still thrilling). I do a LOT of hiking in the mountains here, and am pretty passionate about promoting Taiwan as a destination for people wanting outdoor adventures. I barely know about the place before I came here, but I can tell you, it’s a nature lover‘a paradise. I live up in the capital city, Taipei, and I can walk from my door to some hills in less than ten minutes. There’s a stunning national park about a 40-minute bus journey away, and great transport links to more remote places too. I’m out there enjoying it every chance I get.

These days, I can speak and read a little Mandarin, but I couldn’t when I arrived. I found it so frustrating trying to find detailed information about the places I wanted to visit. Because of this, I ended up writing about a lot of the walks we do on a site called Taiwan Trails and Tales. Some walks I just describe the practical information, but on others I like to include stories about the people I meet, or the history of the place. The process of writing about experiences with nature is also another way to enjoy those experiences. https://taiwantrailsandtales.com/

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Hello! My name is Jo and I call myself a joy encourager, midlife adventurer and beach cleaner. I SUP, hike and swim (indoors and the sea, lido and river). I have a podcast called The Joy of SUP - the Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast and have just published my first book Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain - Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales. Emily kindly invited me to write about writing a book for Intrepid recently! I’m very much about finding joy in adventure and how it helps my menopause and healthy ageing. I’m a 57 year old single Mum empty nester and the outdoors is becoming even more important to me as I get older! I’m @healthyhappy50 on Twitter and Instagram.


I’d love to say hello there! I have followed Intrepid since it’s beginning and love the variety of v cool women. I always feel braver and inspired after reading the newsletters! Have a great day! Jo xx www.jomoseley.com

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Hi everyone, my name is Nicki and I’m the host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast which aims to inspire people to live more adventurously in their daily lives. I also recently gave a TEDx talk on the Power of Everyday Adventures. In my day job, I am a business psychologist/ resilience coach having previously served 18 years in the Army. I love surfing, snowboarding & paddleboarding as well as just generally messing around outside with my dogs and kids!

I was connected with a Intrepid by the lovely Jo Moseley and love the variety of inspiring stories & features. It is also a great source of inspiration as I am always on the look out for amazing guests and stories to share on the pod!

You can listen to the pod on all major platforms (apple link here)


And TEDx talk here


Or feel free to connect on Instagram @resilienceatwork 😊

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Hi all 👋 I'm Sophie. I work as a MTB leader and Outdoor Instructor, based in North Yorkshire. I'm not sure how I found Intrepid but it's a great place where women can share their amazing adventures and experiences, which is why I stayed.

I'm also a leader for Reyt Good Bike Club who are an open and inclusive gravel riding group lead by women 👍 https://instagram.com/reytgoodbikeclub?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

If you're into gravel, or want to get into it then come join us on a ride 💪

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