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Just a quick one today. Is it just me who starts feeling like there is so much still to do in the week or so before leaving on a big adventure?

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We're running a little short of articles for Issue 11 of Intrepid Magazine. So, would you be interested in writing an article? Yes you.

Our contributors aren't all professional writers or adventurers. Sure, some of them are. But most are just normal people. Those are the stories that often get forgotten. Oh and did I mention we pay you for your article?

Is your adventure too small? Tell us anyway. Don't consider yourself a writer? Tell us anyway. You see what I'm getting at?

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Claire Maxted is currently running around the Isle of Man in 6 days. She's posting daily films on her Youtube Channel.

International Elles are making great progress on the Tour de France route before the men get a go. They've just done Stage 11 and aim to finish the route by 27th July. Follow their progress here.

Helen Glover talks about Alice Hargreaves in this podcast episode. She was a mountaineer who died on K2 in 1995.

100 Women in Cycling 2019 - if you haven't already seen this list, here are 100 female cyclists to check out. Curated by Cycling UK. List here.

Spinning South are blogging their way on a cycling trip around the world... They're on Week 87 of their trip right now! Currently in Peru, near Machu Picchu.

Interesting article from the Guardian about adventuring as a woman. What do you think?

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