Breathing Space: 12 memories of breathing adventure

air breathing guest blog Dec 07, 2018

How aware are you of air? Do you appreciate breathing in your life?

I feel that adventuring has made me a bit of a connoisseur!

Perhaps it started as a child, when before the invention of inhalers I struggled with asthma.  So I was sent to have ‘breathing lessons’ (good old NHS) and my wheezing turned to breathing – freedom!  Air became my friend to be cherished and enjoyed.

I love walking the Lakeland fells where I luckily live. The cool early morning air, promises the riches to come.  I relish the labour uphill, breathing deep and regular, pushing onwards and upwards.  Breathing is easier with the summit in sight.  On the top, rest and solitude; calm breaths of meditation and mindfulness with blue views of new horizons. I return with spirit, body nourished and well-aired.

Here are some special air experiences and breathing memories – perhaps you will recognise some!

1. Climbing Pembrokeshire's sun-drenched sea cliffs: air warm,...

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Berghaus Women in Adventure at Kendal Mountain Festival... PLUS exclusive interview with Anna Blackwell

Kendal Mountain Festival – fellow attendees, have you recovered yet? What a crazy packed weekend! I was there representing Intrepid, as official new Blog Editor for the team – woop!

One of my absolute must-go-to’s for the weekend was Berghaus’ Women in Adventure session on Saturday night – hosted by the one and only Anna McNuff. Anna is also known as the happiest and most enthusiastic person in adventure, and her achievements include running the length of New Zealand, cycling all 50 states of the US, and rollerblading Amsterdam (yes, you heard that right). I have been fangirling her for a while, so I was only just able to hold back a squeal when I bumped into her in the media room, and she a) remembered who I was, b) agreed to a future interview (watch this space!), and c) gave me a huge hug. Dream come true.

Anna was on top form as host, and the line-up of ladies was incredible. First up was Anna Blackwell, definitely ‘one to watch’...

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Kendal Mountain Festival! 7 insights from Seonaid Lafferty, sustainability advisor for the festival

Welcome to our first Intrepid Blog! Instead of writing a nice, gentle, fluffy ‘Intro Blog’ we are going to launch right in and get talking about what’s happening this weekend – Kendal Mountain Festival. You may (let’s be honest, you HAVE) heard of this whopper in the adventure calendar. It has grown from a small film festival, into one of the most acclaimed outdoor gatherings the world has to offer. It is running from Thursday (yes, today!) to Sunday, and will be packed full of films, speaker events, literature, discussions, stalls, brands, a bar, two stages – and overflowing with every type of adventurous body.

We decided to delve a little deeper into what makes this festival special and what it has to offer, all in the context of the ‘bigger questions’ we are all facing. We chatted to Seonaid Lafferty, a PhD researcher and sustainability advisor for Kendal Mountain Festival, about the changes the team have been making, the link...

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Test Post

adventure news test May 24, 2018

Wahoo we're setting up a blog!

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