We're Back! Bumper Edition of the Adventure Bulletin 😊

Hi !

Yes, we're back - sorry I missed last week. If it's any excuse I was off on an action packed 4 days in Ireland. (Seriously - doing the Reeks District big 5 challenge: walking, cycling, surfing, kayaking and night SUP)

I will try to make up for the gap by giving you a bumper edition this week!


Nicky Spinks has become the first person to run a double Paddy Buckley Round in Wales. The full story here.

Jo Moseley has been paddle boarding around the Chelsea Flower Show...! Evidence here

Lessons in Badassery have done an interview with Jude Palmer, a swim-run coach. Blog post here.

The Adventure Syndicate did a "Match the Miles" cycling challenge in Scotland last week. Here's how the schools trying to match them got on: https://blog.nautoguide.com/matching-the-miles-a-challenge-map/

For the dot watchers out there: check out the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race.

Interesting post from Jen McKeown: Does being kind to myself mean I will become lazy and unaccomplished?

Team Fram are looking for 3 more people to join their 2020 Greenland crossing. Be sure to read the details before applying: https://teamfram.org/Greenland

Have you seen this podcast? https://seizeyouradventure.com/

Kelli from 1wheelonly is currently uni-cycling around South Korea. Follow her journey on Instagram.

Check out our latest features on the Intrepid Magazine blog: https://www.intrepid-magazine.com/blog


- Nicky Spinks


A somewhat bonkers event I stumbled across on the internet...

Details: The Type 2 Fun Run
Where: Scottish Highlands
When: 31st August - 1st September

Why: "The Type II Fun Run is an ultra like no other. There will be no set course, no feed stations, no base camp, no massage tent, no mercy. The race will be won by strategy, not chiefly by speed. Only skilled navigators and those with the ability to embrace discomfort will make it. 30 hours, a mix of mandatory and optional checkpoints. Sound horrible? Do you like to sign up for horrible things? Then read on..."

Interested? More details here: https://www.type2ultra.co.uk/

UPDATE on our Wild Camping on Dartmoor trip: times and meet location have now been confirmed. Please go to the Facebook event for more details - https://www.facebook.com/events/354669702058328/

Please note that we are going as a group of friends and no kit/food etc will be provided. But then it is free to attend... :)


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Emily & the Ed Team

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