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You know I'm really struggling to write this email because my brain keeps wandering somewhere outside the window. So I guess what I should say is this: enjoy the weather, get out there (unlike me!) and have some adventures.

My bike's just arrived for cycling the Rhine Source2Sea and all I want to do right now is ride it!

But, on the off-chance you're indoors or stuck at a desk, here's some (actually quite a lot!) of adventurous links and reading for your inbox. Plus some cool opportunities too.


Pitch submissions for Intrepid Issue 11 are open. Well technically they're always open, but I'll be commissioning Issue 11 on 15th July.

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Sarah Hobby has recently completed her swim across Ullswater, leaving 2 lakes left in the Lake District for her to swim. Pictures here.

Project Alpine Spirit are making good progress through the 82 peaks over 4000m in the Alps. They're more than halfway now. You can get their updates here.

Carly Portlock is currently on an expedition to the Arctic to clean up plastic and collect scientific data. More from her here.

International Elles are cycling the route of the Tour de France before the event because currently women aren't allowed to race in it. Here's an article from Helen Bridgman an amateur cyclist in the team.

Susan Straley writes about cycling adventures with her husband as he lost more and more of his brain to Dementia.

Beth Pipe has just finished the Brewer's Loop - an 18 day hike over 138 miles taking in as many of Cumbria's breweries as possible (and carrying an empty cask)

Treklinda Trek - send a new outdoor YouTuber some love

Jo Moseley will be starting out on her SUP adventure on 27th July. She'll be paddling from Liverpool to Goole along the Desmond Family Canoe Trail

Katie Arnold talks about being an elite ultra runner and a mother and how both roles help eachother. Article here.

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We're looking for an additional blog editor! We'll be accepting applications for another week.

The Intrepid Magazine blog is where we post adventure pieces, outdoor news and interviews so that you can keep up to date and inspired in between magazines.

We're looking for someone to help our current blog editor, Eve, communicate with writers, curate the blog, edit pieces, post them and share on social media.

If you're interested drop an email to with your credentials. Please note that this is currently an unpaid role.


What: Tyndrum24 trail race
When: 18th-19th January 2020 (overnight!)
Where: Tyndrum, Scotland
More info:

Here's a message from Stacey Holloway, an previous Intrepid contributor:

"I am race director for a new race in Scotland, the Tyndrum24. I have started my own outdoor business WayOutside and co-organising the race with two other business women (Glengarry House and By the Way Hostel). In the world of ultra running there are not a huge number of female race directors!

We also chose this race because night running and night trail running is often a barrier for female runners wishing to take on ultras. We have only just opened up entries and so far have nearly equal male and female entries. We would like to keep it this way!!"

Challenge accepted anyone? 😀


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