Hi everyone, I’m Angela and known as the running granny. I really feel uncomfortable with self promotion but hey-ho it’s a good cause. I started running at the age of 53 and through my journey I pushed my boundaries and found I could go long distances which I’ve done raising funds for various charities. In 2019, aged 60 I ran from John O Groats to Lands End and set a WR as the oldest female to do so. This was to raise awareness of issues of poor health and ageing by showing you’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

I’m keen to encourage and motivate others to take small steps adopting healthy lifestyle choices to improve their quality of life. If you’re interested in finding out about my challenges then you can find me at www.therunninggranny.co.uk or on FB and IG @therunninggranny

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to following up all your recommendations 🙂

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Hello 👋

I have a blog which covers outdoor adventure, health and well-being www.outdoor-girl.com

It’s aimed at people like you and me who still have bills and a mortgage to pay, so our adventures need to fit around working life.

Dig around and you’ll find blog posts about outdoor adventure (mountain biking, climbing, walking, bike packing and wild camping), health (nutrition, food and fitness) and wellbeing (yoga and meditation), along with product reviews and useful links.

I love the big adventures but am also a supporter of finding adventure in every day life and on our doorstep.


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Hello! I'm Thea and I'm a freelance photographer currently living in Glasgow. I'm originally from the Canadian Rockies so I grew up exploring and hiking in the mountains but had to stop nearly all outdoor and physical activities for 8 years due to a serious decline in my health. I'm just picking things up again now and have started a plan to visit all of the UK national parks once we're allowed to and it's safe to again. I've started a section on my website discussing the outdoors and wellness as I'm on this journey back to getting outside more again https://www.theodoravanduin.com/journal-outdoor-wellness I also can be found on instagram in a few places - personal account https://www.instagram.com/theodoravd - new outdoor activity account https://www.instagram.com/theodoraexplores - and my business account https://www.instagram.com/theodoravanduin

There's quite a few accounts that I really love following so here's a few off the top of my head!

Really talented photographer who also shares lots of wonderful videos on youtube. Very honest content and chats about mental health too. https://www.instagram.com/rachelsarahm

Shares experiences related to lupus, mental health and running, wild swimming, climbing, and hiking. https://www.instagram.com/kate.s.appleby

Ruth is Psychotherapist and is releasing a book next month about grounding. They share lots about our relationships with nature, and movement. Also lots of lovely cycles in Derbyshire. https://www.instagram.com/whitepeak_ruth

Hannah makes excellent youtube videos about climbing and bouldering. https://www.instagram.com/_hannahmorris_

Talented climber and photographer. https://www.instagram.com/charlielow

Sharing amazing wild swims, climbs, mental health chats and creates lovely illustrations. https://www.instagram.com/gillymcarthur

Mainly climbing content with really thoughtful captions https://www.instagram.com/here_climbs_krumbles

Primarily exploring in the Lake District, running, climbing, and also vanlife https://www.instagram.com/molliie_anne

Talented photographer and film maker doing a bit of everything https://www.instagram.com/jessielphoto

Cycling, wild swims, and climbing content. Really beautiful film photos and always sharing useful information in their stories. https://www.instagram.com/roxannagbaz

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What a great idea! I'm going start following everyone who's posted already. I write a blog called www.storytellerhub.wordpress.com which looks at different forms of storytelling that I've worked in. It's sort of a "notes to my less experiences self" styles blog. I focus on outdoor recreation, natural and historical interpretation, oral history, and art tours. @vava_scribba . Just posted a blog post about The Essential Adventure Podcast.

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Hi! I'm Christine and I'm the girl behind This Girl Hikes, a YouTube channel where I post videos of my adventure travels (primarily hiking and backpacking). As a female adventurer, I like to encourage those that feel under-qualified, under-represented or simply overwhelmed to live extra-ordinary adventures because I truly believe that if I can do it, anyone can.

This year I am starting my Mountain Leader training and launching my own travel company so that I can not only encourage people online but also in-person.


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Katharine Ganly is an ultra marathon runner, sometimes gets on a bike, occasionally does a triathlon or so, and in her spare time has a side line working as a doctor in Antarctica. At least, that’s what she tells me she’s doing, although as far as I can tell she’s mainly been climbing ruddy big lumps of icy rock, having near death experiences with whales, and cuddling penguins ‘for scientific reasons’, apparently. She’s pretty nifty with a camera, and you can check out her beautiful photos of her escapades on Instagram at https://instagram.com/katganly?igshid=1n2znn5aisxt6. For her latest hair brained schemes and the odd terrible pun follow her on Twitter @katganly.

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Hello! This has been just what I needed to brighten my morning. My name is Sophie Rooney and I am a self proclaimed 'Adventure Author' (I fully encourage self proclaiming your own job titles). I ran the length of Scandinavia in 2016 (3000km 103 days) carrying everything I needed on my back. I wrote a book about it - Rundinavia - hence the self proclaimed job title.

I really want to be just an adventure author but fell in to the trap of 'needing a proper job' last year when I signed up to train as a Geography teacher. And whilst I LOVE teaching geography - I am not on board with the school system here in the UK and don't feel like it is the career for me.

So as of summer this year I am going to go back to trying to become a self employed adventure author who may also do some creative stuff on the side - and I would love to have you join me on this adventure. Best way to do so? @rooneysophie on Instagram.

Sorry for the long post. I am procrastinating from lesson planning!

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Hi everyone, this is such a great idea thank you! I wrote an article for Intrepid in 2019 about my hiking adventures and organising meet-ups to get more people outdoors. I run them through my travel and outdoor brand Yugen Explore which is @yugenexplore on social media or you can follow my totally random life @gracehwilson I am currently living on a farm in Wales and working on a project to promote hiking in the area... I would expect this year to continue as random as the rest have been!

A few women I love following: @fitforadventure_ @ionaadventuring @theoutdoorsfix @apeakdistrictmum @mariecheng27




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This is great! My knowledge of other female adventurers is limited so I’m looking forward to adding some new names to the list.

I’m an Ultra Runner, Mountain Leader in training, outdoor swimmer, regular paddle boarder living in Cumbria. I wrote an article for Intrepid at the end of 2019 about running the West Highland Way. I generally just post about my everyday adventures IG @phillipa_h

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The tough girl adventure podcast is good for finding about other female adventurers- the podcast notes have links to websites, social media profiles and so on

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I love @felinefavia for real raw rock-climbing 'behind the scenes' she's strong but a city-girl-turned adventurer like me!

Also Kula cloth's founder Anastasia who loves to hike and play violin on clifftops, and invented a reusable pee cloth (haven't tried it but great environmental innovation IMO)

If the adventures of a food-obsessed British Singaporean-Chinese freelance writer, shark dive instructor, rock climber and yogi that's lived/worked in Fiji, French Polynesia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia interests you, then that's me!



Lovely to connect with y'all :)

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My name is Ruth Livingstone, I’m in my 60s now and am very slowly working my way around the coast of mainland Britain on foot. www.coastalwalker.co.uk

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This is so great, what a lovely idea! Here's some of my favourite outdoor adventure accounts on instagram:

https://www.instagram.com/rachelsarahm/ filmmaker, climber, all round lovely person

https://www.instagram.com/roxannagbaz/ climber, adventure, artist and activist

https://www.instagram.com/fritstartingat30/ filmmaker, adventurer, a bundle of fun

https://www.instagram.com/frankie_dewar/ adventurer, podcast host of @extraordinaryordinarywomxn

https://www.instagram.com/bgh_uk/ Black Girls Hike Group led by Rihane, always getting up to fun explorations and adevntures

https://www.instagram.com/jennytough/ just a bit of a legend

https://www.instagram.com/catanddug_/ adventurer and hillwalker living in Glen Coe in Scotland, always up a hill and taking beautiful photos!

https://www.instagram.com/stivesmermaid/ wild water woman

https://www.instagram.com/winniepoaty/ another wild water woman!

I'm more of a micro adventure person fitting in outdoor time as and when I can around my 9-5 as a graphic designer and at weekends, but I love having adventures every chance I get. When I lived in Scotland, my life revolved around mountains and I set up a small women's walking group called Mountain Burdz to meet other women into hillwalking and adventures in Scotland. https://www.instagram.com/mountainburdz/ it's still going but not active right now!

Since moving away and being cut off from hills of any kind, I went through a slight identity crisis but got into smaller adventures on my doorstop and wild swimming during lockdown! I also discovered drawing and painting as a way to connect to the hills from afar, some of my work on https://drawntothemountain.co.uk/ (mix of commissions and prints for sale on etsy) and I'm on instagram as https://www.instagram.com/tess.treks/ Howdy!

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Hellooo!! 😁 Great thread! I run an adventure story website https://www.nowonearth.com, we feature written stories, films and podcasts about adventures of all shapes and sizes 🤟 We're always looking for content contributors so if anyone would like to promote their adventures and their writing/film making/photography/adventure business by contributing an article do take a peek! I'd definitely recommend @AnnaMcNuff, @Hazel_Findlay, @RosieWats, @nickyspinks to name just a few... we also have a couple of female adventure non-profits in our resources section who are amazing - The Adventure Queens and The Adventure Syndicate ❤️ And the awesome Tough Girl podcast will be featuring next month. Looking forward to checking out all the great recommendations, thank you! 🥳

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I have a blog - www.endurance-adventures.co.uk - covering hiking and outdoor adventures as a middle-aged woman. I am aiming to make my first forays into camping this year and love to push myself out of my comfort zone!

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What a great idea and fabulous community of women adventurers! I run WanderWomen Scotland Ltd, leading small groups of women in the outdoors in a mix of adventure and mindfulness! Really happy to feature on Podcasts/Magazines, etc. I will look you all up - Thanks, Intrepid Magazine for this thread. wander-women.co.uk

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Hi everyone! What a great thread, it’s great to find other adventurers out there. My name is Lucy and I’ve been doing expeditions all over the place for over ten years now. They vary from the arctic, mountains and jungle. I started up a new YouTube over lockdown for anyone who might want some tips and tricks or (hopefully) inspiration.

Link here: https://youtube.com/c/LucyShepherd

Agree that podcasts are a great way to find adventurers- Chatting to a Friend, Tough Girl Podcast and more!

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Hey I'm Clare Rutter and I'm the British Canoeing #ShePaddles Ambassador for Canoe Wales. I love to paddle canoe, kayak and SUP and can often be found in a raft too. I'm an Outdoor Activities & Paddlesports Instructor based on the coast near my hometown of Cardigan in West Wales where I returned to after 12 years of 'finding myself' only to discover what I was looking for all along was right where I left it! I'm an Event Leader for Black Dog Outdoors, a mental health in the outdoors UK charity bringing the outdoors to those who's doctors etc. has written them a 'green prescription' rather than offering medication as a first resort. I've also been in the Scouts for over 25 years where I started as a participant and now hold a whole host of roles as a way of 'giving back' some of what I gratefully and proudly received myself. I love to do write about my outdoor experiences and have had several articles published including in Wales, the UK and globally. To go with it, I also love photography and I'm currently teaching myself videography and I'm pretty active on social media combining all this and sharing my outdoor adventurous activities and experiences. I've recently hit the ripe old age of 40 but have plenty of adventure left in the old girl yet!! I can be found on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: clarerutter.DBA

Twitter: clare_rutter

Instagram: clare_rutter.ba.hons

It will be great to bump into some of you amazing ladies someday and if you fancy a paddle just give me a shout!

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