Hello! A few I love Tough Girl Challenges, The Outdoors Fix, Everyday Adventurer, Living Adventurously and if it’s ok to promote my own - The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast! So far, 13 episodes with some amazing SUP women adventurers. Showing all the health, happiness, friendship + possibility of SUP. I may interview some men in future but right now my list of women I’d love to interview is so long that may be some time! Thank you! Jo

Jo Moseley @healthyhappy50 @thejoyofsuppodcast_ on Instagram


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And the second is - and I hope this is ok to do - my own podcast, Wild for Scotland. I only just started it and there are 3 episodes so far. It's a travel & storytelling podcast about my own adventures in Scotland. Inspired by my personal travel style & interests, the stories are mostly outdoorsy - hiking, kayaking, cycling, wild-camping etc., but there will also be more road-trippy episodes as I go along. But I hope people who enjoy active travel and outdoor activities will still really enjoy those too!

I'm @wildforscotland on FB, IG and Twitter, if you want to follow and the show lives here: https://www.wildforscotland.com/

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Abbie Barnes of Spend More Time in the Wild has launched a new podcast - One Wild Life https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/one-wild-life-podcast-with-abbie-barnes/id1548133170

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OK, I'd love to share two.

The first is Fran Turauski's podcast Seize Your Adventure, which is all about stories and experiences at the intersection of adventure and epilepsy. It features some fantastic storytelling and great interviews and conversations with adventurers who have experiences with epilepsy.

It's an amazing show and Fran is also just the most supportive podcaster I have ever come across. Well worth a listen!


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To be honest there is a dearth of decent outdoors podcasts - most seem to be about extreme adventures or just too poorly made to bother listening to. Having said that the podcast I really enjoy listening to is The Outdoors Fix with Liv Bolton. Liv's guests are normal people I can relate with and genuinely help inspire me to get into the outdoors.


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I just came across this thread, it's a great idea to share podcasts here and I'm definitely going to check out Wild For Scotland. I host a podcast called About The Adventure, which features interviews with people who have changed their career in different ways, that have been inspired by nature/adventure, or that have led to people working outdoors or giving them more time to spend outside. My first interview was with Clare Kelly who runs a small business called Her on a Hill, which takes women on all sorts of adventures, and she also teaches navigation to small groups of women. Another guest that people here might be really interested in is Helen Turton who is a polar guide - her energy is amazing! At the end of each episode my guests ask the listeners a question for you to take away and think about. You can choose your app of choice here: https://abouttheadventure.captivate.fm/listen or you can listen on my website https://www.abouttheadventure.com/podcast If you have a listen I'd love to hear what you think so please get in touch or leave a review, thank you!

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Hi, I'd like to share my new podcast What Next Mum which talks to adventurous mums about staying active through pregnancy and beyond, the barriers to adventure and adventuring with kids. My first guest is with Jen Benson, a writer, photographer, runner and mum of 2. Episodes are released weekly on Saturday and can be found on spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/2AgetpS6VCj32AvglqcdK4?si=G5ayvjqkQJmSkrA2y5femw

The podcast is also on apple podcasts and on whatnextmum.com. Thanks

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I am a big fan of Tough Girl podcast, but that's been mentioned a few times, so I will take the opportunity to mention my own, Chatting to a Friend, interviewing amazing women from all walks of life. They are not all adventurers but the majority are. You can find it here pod.link/chattingtoafriend I am alwasy looking for new and inspiring guests so please shout if you have any to suggest. Thanks.

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I host a podcast about wild swimming, Wild Swim Podcast, sharing my own experiences and interviewing swimmers. A new episode was released yesterday with an interview with Jo Jones who set the fastest time for crossing the Bristol Channel last year. https://www.wildswimpodcast.com/

I also like:

Wild Ideas Worth Living, which isn’t purely outdoors but often leans that way. https://www.rei.com/blog/podcasts/wild-ideas-worth-living

Out There , which again is a general inspiration for the outdoors http://www.outtherepodcast.com/

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As well as Tough Girl Challenges, I have recently been enjoying:

1. Aoife Glass's new 'Spindrift' podcast (https://www.spindrift-podcast.co.uk/)

2. The 'Unpaved' podcast which is about adventure cycling and bikepacking, made by Katherine Moore and Tom Bonnett (https://unpavedpodcast.com/)

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Tough girl adventures is also one of my favourites - I also really enjoyed the Adventure Syndicate series which was following Jenny Graham on her cycling round the world world record challenge

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One I've discovered recently in The Adventure Podcast. Not led by a women but some great interviews with female adventurers. The episodes are often a bit more long form, but I really enjoy the lengthy deep discussions. Some notables are the episode with:

Gilly McArthur – The Choices that Matter (outdoor swimmer, climber, illustrator and womens trad festival co-founder)

Emma Crone – The Last English Poacher (Adventure Filmmaker and producer)

Cal Flyn – Islands of Abandonment (Outdoor Writer and Journalist)

Jenny Tough – The Solitude Specials (Solo Adventurer and Long Distance Trail/Expedition Runner)

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Tough Girl Challenges is my favourite - Sarah is such a great host, she has such a wild range of guests, and lots of inspiring adventure chat!


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