Book of the Month: Women Walking through history, FKTs and rowing records

Well, it's been a little while, hasn't it? We hope you can forgive us. As restrictions eased in the UK, adventures (and life) got a bit carried away. But we're back now and going strong.

So, it seems, are many adventurers. It seems like everyone is after a world record or an FKT. Rather than have a completely record-smashing Adventure Bulletin, we're balanced things out with some slower, thoughtful and deeper articles.... and a new book for subscribers!


This month's addition to our online library is Wanderers: A History of Women Walking by Kerri Andrews.

An exhilarating history of women walker-writers. This is a book about ten women over the past three hundred years who have found walking essential to their sense of themselves, as people and as writers.

Subscribers can download and read the first 57 pages of the book here. Everyone can get 20% off the book using INTREPID20 at Reaktion Books.

"I opened this book and instantly found that I was part of a conversation I didn’t want to leave. A dazzling, inspirational history." - Helen Mort, author of No Map Could Show Them


Sabrina Veerjee has broken the Pennine Way Fastest Known Time record in 74 hrs 28 min and 46 sec! See her tracker map here.

Lia Ditton has rowed unsupported from San Francisco to Hawaii in 86 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes and 56 seconds. It is a WORLD RECORD ROW! For more info and videos head to her website or her Twitter @rowliarow.

It’s getting darker so more excuses to read and get inspired. UKHillwalking has highlighted one of the Mountain Literature Classics: Climbing Days by Dorothy Pilley.

Helen aka Trekking and Tradewinds is paddle boarding from Bristol to London, some 260km in 9 days. You can find more out about her here.

Ever heard of the Smog Graham?! Ultrarunner Alison Walker is the first runner to complete the 300km round in 54 hours and 33 minutes. Read more about it here.

Iona Nelson writes about How Lockdown Prepared us for new Adventures.

Rebecca North shares the inside story for anyone thinking of trying their first Mountain Marathon here.

Trish Conti writes about Exploring Norway with Randi Skaug. Randi was the first Norwegian woman to climb Everest.

Mirjam Boss writes about sailing adventures and how to stop being afraid in this article.


“You are so brave” – am I though?
- from Sailing and How to Stop being Afraid by Mirjam Boss


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