So you want to write for Intrepid Magazine? Excellent. We firmly believe that if you are reading this magazine then you certainly could be writing for it. Everyone has an article in them – whether it’s a unique perspective or a skill or experience they can share.

If you are thinking of contributing, make sure you read to the end of this page, including the FAQ section. It’ll dramatically improve your chance of success.


We often refer to magazine articles as blogs. This is to try to dispell that terrible myth of first time writers that a magazine is somehow above you. Not this magazine. We thrive off voices and perspectives of all sorts.

Before you think about submitting, make sure your proposed article fits into one of these categories:

  • Inspire – adventure stories. I went here and did this. It was awesome/hilarious/disastrous (delete as appropriate)
  • Insight – sharing skills, tips and practical advice. Ever wondered about starting [insert adventurous activity] or what it’s like to be [insert adventurer/career]?
  • Pathways – these are long term, even lifetime journeys. Stories of personal change, development, emotions through adventure. They’re deeper than the inspire section.
  • Comment – your voices and opinions on topics in the world of adventure.

Then we’ve got some smaller – but still very important categories:

  • Gear – we love gear. We love it so much we let our subscribers test it instead of an elite test team.
  • Reviews – yes, gear, but also books, events, films…
  • News – if there’s a press release you need to hear about, we pop it in here. That includes adventure announcements and relevant opportunities.
  • Interviews – chatting to adventurous women in the field.
  • Creative – look here for poems and more artsy content.

How to Submit

To submit, send an email to Eve and Faye on [email protected]

Please ensure you include in your pitch:

  • Your full name and where you can be found on the internet
  • The section(s) you imagine your article will fit into
  • A brief explanation of what your article would be about

Finished article word counts tend to be about 1000-1500 words.


We also publish Features articles which are kindly funded by our subscribers. These articles are longer, deeper reads written by experienced writers or experts in a field. They require a different approach and time commitment, and are paid accordingly. Our current rate is £30 for a feature article. As we get more subscribers, we intend to raise this rate. At the moment, it is less than you deserve but more than we can afford. We hope you understand.

Feature articles must also fit into one of the above listed categories. Have in mind what kind of feature you are writing when you pitch.

How to Submit

Most of our features writers are approached directly. However, if you think you’ve got a gem that we need to publish, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to [email protected]

Please ensure you include in your pitch:

  • Your full name and where you can be found on the internet
  • Previous examples of your work
  • The section(s) you imagine your article will fit into
  • A brief explanation of what your article would be about

Finished article word counts tend to be 1500-2000 words.

What we don’t Publish

Although we love sharing new voices, we are first and foremost and adventure magazine. Your article must fit squarely into self-powered female-first adventure. In case of doubt, we do not publish articles purely about:

  • Sport (e.g. team games, athletics)
  • Fitness
  • Van life and motorbike journeys
  • Yoga
  • Travel

However, these could be acceptable if they come with a strong outdoor adventure element.

FAQs – Read Before Submitting

Q: Can you republish something that’s already online?

Short answer: no. You can write about topics you’ve written about before, but we ask that you submit something significantly different to what you’ve already had published.

Q: I’m not female, can I submit?

Yes, absolutely. However, ensure that you pitch an article that would fit into our demographic. Our articles are all about, or of interest to, adventurous women.

Q: I’m a PR trying to get coverage for my client. What should I do?

Ideally, your client should submit directly (or you could on their behalf) following the advised format above. For adventure launches, we’d happily do a news item. For business ventures, ensure there is a strong adventure element. You are likely to be more successful if you provide a ready-done interview or press release that could be quickly crafted into an article.

Q: When will I hear back from you?

We aren’t able to reply to everyone who submits. However, rest assured that we keep your pitches and may get in touch with you in the future. Feel free to pitch another article if you haven’t heard from us.

Q: When will I be paid?

We currently only pay for feature articles. Authors of feature articles will be paid upon publication – more details of the process will be sent upon acceptance of your pitch.

Q: I’ve already written the article before pitching. Can I submit the whole thing?

You can submit a completed article here, as long as it matches all the above criteria. Please also drop a line to [email protected] notifying us that you’ve submitted through the form. Thanks!