Ocean Rows, Long Runs and Recovery from Eating Disorders

Well it feels like the world is slowly starting to move again and adventures are picking up momentum. Here are a selection of adventures getting underway for you to follow. But first, we've got something special to share...


This month's feature article on Intrepid Magazine is "My Eating Disorder Started with an Adventure" by Ruth Naughton-Doe.

Ruth writes a personal account of how eating disorder has been entangled with her adventures and explores a theme that is so often overlooked in the adventure industry.

Features are designed to be a long read, but if you read anything this week, read this: https://www.intrepid-magazine.com/eating-disorder-adventure

"Ruth Naughton-Doe reflects on her experience of recovering from an eating disorder and how she has learnt to maintain a healthy mind whilst having amazing adventures. In a society where people are encouraged to move their body primarily to change its shape and size, Ruth has learnt to focus on what her body can do and not how it looks…"


Sabrina Veerjee has set out on her Wainwright Round record attempt. Follow her progress here: https://live.opentracking.co.uk/sabs0720

Jenny Tough has just set out on her penultimate mountain range run, across the Canadian Rockies, in her Run the World's Mountains challenge. More on Instagram.

Lia Ditton is attempting to become the first woman to row TransPacific solo, Japan-San Francisco. Follow her updates here: https://rowliarow.com/

Jayne Thompson is cycling the TransPennine Trail. More from her here.

Have you heard of Myrtle Simpson? Now in her 90s, she is a polar explorer and skiing pioneer. You can watch a short film about her expeditions here.

Rosie Watson writes a long and thoughtful piece about building a sustainable outdoor community after Covid-19. Read it here.

JT Lewis writes about adventures big and small, coupled with a surprise Cancer diagnosis during the pandemic.https://jtlewiswriter.com/


“Talk only of the amazing adventures
that your body has taken you on."
- Ruth Naughton-Doe


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