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Alongside the normal adventure bulletin, we've got some news... We are officially back open for submissions! Have a read of to find out more.


Vanessa O'Brien has become the first woman to reach both the highest and lowest points on the planet. She recently descended to the lowest point in the ocean:

Editors Eve Jones and Faye Latham celebrate the impact of women of colour on all kinds of adventure, the outdoor community and Nature writing. Read the article here: Pioneering Women of Colour.

Project Wild Woman is a documentary featuring 14 different women in extreme/alternative sports in India. Find out more here.

Alison Tetrick is a gravel rider with a great blog

Jen Scotney made a vlog of her Spine Challenger race at the start of this year. Watch it here.

And some sad news. Luce Douady, a rising French star of climbing, died in the mountains aged 16. Read about her here.


“Would you like an adventure now or shall we have tea first?"
- Alice in Wonderland


Emily Woodhouse (that's me, hi!) is launching a book about her All the Tors Challenge: a solo journey of 300km to all the tors on Dartmoor. Expect bad weather, wild camping and a personal journey to belonging. Only 15 days to go on Kickstarter.

You can pre-order the book in hardback or digital here:

Plus there are some exciting wild camping and Dartmoor related rewards up for grabs. Like me taking you wild camping...

AN EXTRA NOTE: Yes, this is me telling you about my book. But please, we LOVE supporting people starting out. It can be really hard to make something from zero and if we can help you, please just tell us! If you fit squarely into the female-powered adventure bracket - whether it's an adventure launch or a book launch or a gear company, an event... TELL US! We'll help you share it with the world.


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