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Drum roll please. It's been 5 months, but Intrepid Magazine is finally back open to new subscribers. You can sign up here: https://www.intrepid-magazine.com/members/

Thank you all very much for your patience and to those who have stuck with us through this adventure. Current subscribers can also log in through that page (or the button on the homepage). If you have lost your login, or have any other issues, drop a message to support@intrepid-magazine.com

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Sabrina Verjee was attempting to beat Paul Tierney's all the Wainwrights record as of yesterday, but the tracking page seems to have been removed. Here's the link in case it comes back.

Jenny Davis and fellow female polar explorers come together to reflect about isolation. Have a read here.

Tim and Laura Moss write about taking their baby on his first cycle tour, to the Åland Islands. Read it here.

Elina Osbourne has as excellent series of films about her hike of the PCT. Playlist here. Warning: watch one and you might accidentally watch all of them.

Hazel Kerrison writes about Covid-19 and Barefoot Marathons on the Intrepid Magazine blog.

Podcast time! Have you come across The Wild Podcast? Listen here.

And one from the archives: have a read of Kelli Jackson's story of how she rode a unicycle across Tawain. Great story, great pictures.


“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without first getting lost."
- Erol Ozan


Alongside the website refurb happening, it seems like the perfect time to make the A List actually happen. What's the A List? It's a list of adventurous women who share their stories with the world. We've got started, but we're sure you could make it even longer.

So please, if you follow someone (or indeed are someone!) who fits this bill - tell us about it! Reply to this email, message or tag us on any social media, send us a pigeon... with this person's name and website or the place you follow them, and what their adventure speciality is. Thanks a bundle.

If you'd like a chat, come and say hi in the Facebook Group. And share your creations, pictures, stories - all welcome :)

Stay intrepid (and safe),

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