Intrepid Magazine Online Library

Every month, we add a new title to our adventure library. Typically these will be Indie print authors - women who've been out there, had an adventure and written a book about it. You get access to the first three chapters of the book, with plenty of links and info so you can find out more (and finish the story).

We started out life as a print magazine. Our adventure library also includes digital versions of our high-quality, content rich magazines. People used to say it was like getting a book in the post every month. Now you can read them digitally to your heart's content.

At every possible opportunity, we've made sure that the content is downloadable. That means that you can take it away and read it in your tent or listen to it on your run. We reckon that adventure's the best companion for... well, adventure.

Membership Bonuses!

Every membership level gets access to this. In here we'll put all the discount codes (there are many and more coming every month), cool opportunities and more. We say "more" because we literally don't know yet and we want to leave it as open as possible. But if you like fun surprises as much as we do, that's probably a good thing.

Gear Testing

The world needs more reviews of female-specific outdoor gear. The more voices that get heard, the more feedback the industry gets and we can move things in the right direction. Whether that's giving them a huge thumbs up or offering alternative suggestions (anyone who's ever lamented pockets in a women's jacket, for example).

All membership tiers include a chance to be on the Test Team each month. We'll release a selection of items and you'll apply to be the official tester. Previous test team items have included everything from waterproof jackets to SUP backpacks, head torches and trainers to bamboo underwear. Yes really.

First Dibs on Everything

As a subscriber, you'll hear about things first. There's not a lot more to say about that. You're part of our core community and we want to make sure the cool stuff gets put in front of your eyes first.

The Adventure Bulletin

This is our weekly (ish! Sometimes adventures happen!) email sent out on a Wednesday evening. You'll get a healthy dose of women in adventure straight into your inbox. That includes adventures happening right now, new, opportunities and interesting reads/listens/watches. Think more up to date and multimedia than the magazine.

It is possible to sign up to this without being a member. Members get this by default. If you don't want it, simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email. BUT this is where gear testing opportunities and new books will be announced, so you might be missing out. You can always find them in your members area, but you won't get notified.


COMING SOON... Adventurer Rewards

Oh, but you want more? We don't blame you. We've got so much more to give and our mission is to give women in adventure a springboard into the industry. So how about this...

Gear Hunting Rights

There are only so many gear testing opportunities we can offer. We can't guarantee it'll be the perfect piece of kit that you're hunting for to use in your next expedition. So we're going to do something a bit crazy. We're going to trust you to go out there and look for the kit you need. If it helps you secure the sponsorship, you can say you'll offer the brand a review in Intrepid Magazine. You don't have to ask us permission, just do it.


[We're working on this new level of membership. If you think it's awesome, or you're an adventurer/content creator who'd like to make some suggestions about what would be really useful to you, email [email protected]]