A Snazzy New Site and your chance to be on it

Hi !
Wow, it's the end of May already. Where is the time going?

Behind the scenes at magazine HQ, we've been updating the website. Some of you might have noticed we've moved to a snazzy new design and a much better reading environment for you. Check it out if you haven't already: intrepid-magazine.com

It's not all there yet, there are still some pages missing! But Subscribers can log in and everyone can read existing articles. Feel free to tell us if something's wrong at support@intrepid-magazine.com but if it's something enormous, chances are we know already! There are some holes that we're trying to fill in asap.

If you do anything, have a read of our new start here page. As I was writing it the other day, I realised a few things.

ONE: that things have been a bit disjointed in our messaging over the past year as we scrambled to try make things work. Hopefully that page clears things up. We honestly want to help female adventurers (including YOU) to have a springboard for the things you're doing. Let us help you.

TWO: that I truly believe every single person reading this newsletter could (and should!) have an article on our website - even if you're not female. We all have a unique perspective and stories or skills we can share. We're all connected by wanting to support and hear about adventurous women. But we're also all part of that voice, not just passive observers.

So have a look at that start page to see how you can get involved and ways in which we could help you!


Ursula Martin writes about solitude from the perspective of a long distance walker https://onewomanwalks.com/2020/05/19/solitude/

Carolin Botterill writes about an ultrarunning jungle adventure in Belize on her great blog Accidental Ultrarunner.

Fiona Love writes about a rainy weekend adventure on Arran https://www.intrepid-magazine.com/a-rainy-trip-to-arran/

Ellie Davies does a brilliant and thorough review of the Salomon GTX women's hiking shoes, despite lockdown. Read it here.

Anna Wells writes about setting a female speed record on the Cullen Ridge of Skye last year. You can read it here.

Emily Woodhouse writes about trying to plan future adventures in uncertain times. Read it here.

Jo Outdoors is making videos about common hiking questions. This one is about snacks!

Tina Page is doing the MR'athon (Mountain Rescue Marathon) challenge with a tiny horse called Angus. Watch the videos here.


“You keep me safe; I'll keep you wild."
- Anonymous


Alongside the website refurb happening, it seems like the perfect time to make the A List actually happen. What's the A List? It's a list of adventurous women who share their stories with the world. We've got started, but we're sure you could make it even longer.

So please, if you follow someone (or indeed are someone!) who fits this bill - tell us about it! Reply to this email, message or tag us on any social media, send us a pigeon... with this person's name and website or the place you follow them, and what their adventure speciality is. Thanks a bundle.

If you'd like a chat, come and say hi in the Facebook Group. And share your creations, pictures, stories - all welcome :)

Stay intrepid (and safe),

Emily & the Editorial Team

P.S. Event/club/adventure/article that we've missed and you think is epic? Hit reply and drop us a line!