Review: Salomon Elevate Move On T-shirt (Women's)

The Salomon Elevate Move On Tee is a women’s short sleeved t-shirt, designed for running. I’ve tried this t-shirt out in a few different ways: hill running as a baselayer and with layers under, walking with a light pack with it at skin layer and wearing as a regular t-shirt.

You can read the technical specifications on the official Salomon Elevate Move On Tee page.

Sizing and Fit

First things, the sizing is tiny. I am a size 8 in tops with a very small bra size and tested a Medium.  It fits fine and I wouldn’t want to go with a small. Other reviews have mentioned this and also commented on the short body length. I didn’t notice this and it fit me well but I’m only 5’2. I liked the sleeve fit; not too tight for my bigger arms but not flappy either.

Next; the fabric and the ‘seamless stitching’.  This is the key selling point from Salomon; the body section is stitched in a continuous tube so there are no seams around the front, sides or back. It still has seams to join the sleeves and long the underside of the sleeves. It felt comfortable to wear and certainly didn’t rub anywhere, although I haven’t had opportunity to test it with a heavy pack. 

Fabric of Salomon Move On Tee

The fabric is mainly polyester, with elastine for stretch, so it dries really quickly out of the washing machine and I could put it back on only a short time later. But it did pick up static with another synthetic item over the top and I ended up with several electrified hair moments!

It does accumulate body odour. I deliberately tested it over 2 consecutive days without washing, just to see how it would fare on multi-day trips; it was pretty stinky. I would probably go with a favourite merino base layer for these types of adventures. But the Salomon top is really light (the M is 95g) and much quicker-drying than merino, so that might swing it in your favour.

Wicking Properties

The centre third of the body has a different stitch pattern, to promote wicking and ventilation. The shoulders and centre of the back also has more ventilation, but I didn’t notice a discernible difference to the overall feel of the fabric. It seemed to wick well during runs and I didn’t notice extra sweat.

The Salomon Elevate Move On Women’s Tee comes into its own for warmer weather running - not frosty Derbyshire mornings in early April! As the weather warmed up, the T-shirt has really proved itself. The sleeve length and fit is good and it doesn’t rub on my inner arms (as others have done in the past). It wicks well and has been my go-to running t-shirt for the last few weeks. 

Overall Verdict

This is a useful piece of kit which comes into its own in warmer climes. It comes up small but has a nice fit when you go up a size. I’ve found it for less than £25 on websites which I think is good value, but I don’t think I would pay full price for it (£45). I would certainly pack it amongst my kit for multi-day adventures, but it wouldn’t be my main go-to top. In warm weather, it would be perfect for rinsing out and drying in the sun then wearing again.

Helen Gully is a mid-forties mum of two in Derbyshire. You’ll find her out and about running, cycling, swimming, multi-day adventuring (when possible) and rigging up all manner of ropes. She loves sharing the outdoors with her kids (10 and 7) and has watched them grow their love (and stamina) for walking, carrying packs, camping and being out in the wild.