Introducing Discussion Threads

A new way to chat with other subscribers, share recommendations and find information.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time writing for the internet knows that it’s hard to get found if you’re just starting out. Sometimes it’s even hard when you’re established, but just not hitting the right keywords or correctly coaxing a platform’s algorithm.

You’ve also maybe spent time in a Facebook Group that’s become so big that it’s just full of people asking for recommendations about which item of gear they should buy, where they should go for a hike and who they should follow on Instagram.

Here’s our answer

We too want recommendations. But we’ve also been forced to the point of muting groups because the same old questions again and again get annoying. BUT there must be a way to keep all this information in an orderly, useful and easily accessible fashion.

Answer: Yes, there is. It’s called a discussion thread.

Great, but what are they?

Think of a discussion thread as like having a question or topic put up on a wall. Then everyone who subscribes to Intrepid Magazine can put their thoughts on a post it note (aka A Comment) or several and add it to the wall. If that gives you scary flashbacks of corporate review sessions, then think of it like a community artwork or a garden - we set the theme and everyone adds their own bit.

The best thing is: there won’t be duplicates and you can easily go back and find previous threads for reference, or to add some more thoughts.

How we’re using Discussion Threads

You should have just got an email with our first monthly discussion thread topic. It’s very simple. Our mission is to be the answer to the question, “Where are all the women in adventure?” So it makes sense for our first thread to be a list of all the female adventurers everyone can think of. Hopefully there will be loads.

To add your thoughts, you’ll need to go to that email and hit reply.

You might be asked to log in, but just use your email and get a log in link sent. Then you’re sorted.

One of our big plans for 2021 - and what you all said in the survey - was to build this community. We can’t run events yet, but we can chat and interact with each other! So please help us build this resource.

In the future, we’ll be letting paid subscribers choose the topics for discussion threads. If you’d like that to be you, don’t forget to sign up 😊

P.S. If you’re a current member, you’ll need to subscribe through that button ASAP and then email to get your old website subscription deleted. Don’t worry, we can backdate and refund in the unlikely event your email gets missed.