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Crossing Oman, everyday adventures and more - plus tell us what you think!

Hi Team Intrepid,

As the year comes towards a close, we’re getting a bit reflective. Things have changed a lot in 2020, not least that we were still a print magazine at the start of this year 😱 It feels like such a long time ago, but everything seems to be like that this year!

Not everything has gone to plan and it would be so helpful if you could share your thoughts, to help direct our way forward in 2021. Whether you’re a long-term magazine subscriber or have only just signed up to this email list. If you could take 2 min to answer a couple of quick questions, we’d really appreciate it.

Tell us your thoughts


  • Kate Strong is preparing for a world record attempt: Furthest Distance Covered on a Static Bicycle in 24 hours. She’s doing it on 7th Jan 2021 and has some very cool adventures in the pipeline too! More here.

  • Dervla Murphy has done an interview with the Times about travel. It’s behind a paywall, but some of you might have access. In classic Dervla style, “I’d pay £10,000 not to set foot on a cruise ship.”

  • Jade Perry - ice swimmer - has an interview on the Always Another Adventure Podcast. Listen here.

  • Iona Rendall talks everyday adventuring on the Get After It Podcast.

  • Dr Natalie Taylor & Anisa Al Raissi, who’ve both done polar expeditions, are currently walking, climbing and kayaking the length of Oman from North to South, some 1200+km. Follow them live here. (Thanks to Sarah Williams for that one.)

  • On dot watching, the Vendee Globe sailing challenge is happening with several female skippers to follow. Details here. (With thanks to Katrina Meggett.)

  • Hazel Kerrison has done an excellent gear review of some inov-8 hiking boots for Intrepid Magazine. Read about her test along the Wolds Way here.

  • And if you’re looking for a fun new podcast, the Everyday Adventure Podcast has got a great set of interviews with female adventurers already - and it only started in May. Listen here.


Are you free on 19th December 2020? Grace of Yugen Explore would like to invite you to #step2gether, a virtual Christmas walking meet-up. The event aims to improve mental health whilst raising money for charity. It’s only 2 hours’ walking so not a big commitment.

“We recommend that you walk locally and you can incorporate walking round your garden, house or even up and down the stairs! The idea is that we get everyone stepping together for 2 hours as if we were all walking together on a hiking meet-up.”

More details and to sign up.

Watch out for December’s book coming out in next week’s newsletter. Once again, we’d really appreciate it if you could quickly answer a couple of questions about why you like these emails and how we could improve.

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon,

Emily and the Editorial Team