Get ready for next month 😀

Hello Team Intrepid…

… and welcome to all our new subscribers! It’s been a bit of a crazy month (apologies to anyone who got several emails from me) but we’re nearly at the end of it.

This email is going to cover three main things:

  1. Recap of what Intrepid Magazine’s about for new people (there are quite a lot of you)

  2. Update on where we are in the move from old site to Substack

  3. What to expect from the next month onwards

But actually, the last one is getting me most excited, so I’m going to do that list backwards.

From next week, you’ll get…

We talked about it here, but let’s just do a quick reminder of what’s happening here from March onwards.

All free subscribers will get weekly emails (Wednesday evening) including:

  1. Adventure Bulletin round up of news, links, interesting projects, people and opportunities.

  2. Feature: A specially commissioned article on the month’s topic

  3. Discussion Thread (this page explains what they are any how we use them)

  4. Feature: Another long read on the month’s theme

And if there are more than four Wednesdays in the month then you’ll get a random surprise into your inbox.

Last month’s discussion thread, a list of female adventurers is going strong. Please do forward it to a friend who might be able to add to it.

Next month’s theme is Polar (you can see the list of upcoming themes here if you scroll down). So expect stories about snow and bitter cold. We’ve also got a great polar-themed book to share with you and the Longest Adventure Bulletin Ever coming your way next week.

Even More for paid subscribers

For anyone who takes out a paid subscription (only £5/month), there will be Even More from us. On the first Wednesday of the month, our wonderful members will get a second email packed full of opportunities and extras.

There will be:

  • Access to the first 3 chapters of our Book of the Month (and our whole back catalogue of online library from the past 3 years).

  • Opportunity to test gear for the magazine, review it and keep it afterwards.

  • Exclusive access to events, discount codes and other goodies.

  • Connect with the community (including finding team mates for adventures)

  • And of course, supporting the writing we publish during the rest of the month.

If that sounds awesome, we’d love to have you on board :)

An Update on the Move

So far so good with the move from the old to this Substack version. All of the old articles have now been moved across and most of them credited to their owners (thank you all!). I’ve contacted everyone already, but please check your spam. I’ve sent so many similar emails I may have been put on the naughty list…

The Online Library and all of the members’ area will be coming across this weekend. Thank you very much to all current members who’ve taken action on the email and resubscribed or responded. But there are still quite a lot of you I haven’t heard from.

Please do get in touch. All you have to do is click the red subscribe button, sign up and I’ll do the rest. You will not be charged twice.

If you’d like to cancel your subscription that’s fine too - please don’t worry. A few people have and I completely understand. I got made redundant at the end of last year and there are times when we have to look after our own finances first. That is not something to feel guilty about. But if you could email and let me know, it would help to be able to tick you off my list (read: The Abominable Spreadsheet). I won’t be able to turn off the old website until everyone’s been in touch.

Here’s a friendly red button again for people with an aversion to scrolling up

Hello and Welcome

Aaaaaand if you’re new here, have got this far into the email and are wondering what the heck’s going on here… Hello! Welcome to the community of Intrepid Magazine. We’re halfway through a move (I’m sure you’ve got that by now) but things should be back up to full service shortly.

We are attempting to be the answer to the question “Where are all the women in adventure?”

What do we mean by adventure? Adventure is a slippery one to define because each person will experience it differently. For us, it’s generally self-powered and somehow out of a comfort zone. This tends to mean things that will get you into one or more categories: wet, cold (e.g. snow), hot (e.g. desert), muddy, sweaty or generally exhausted… but not necessarily. We’re always willing to be shown new perspectives on adventure.

We’re not really a travel magazine and we certainly aren’t about bland filler content or listicles. We’re all about providing a platform and sharing voices that wouldn’t normally get published by mainstream media.

For example, have a look at this heartfelt piece by Ruth Naughton-Doe about the relationship between adventure and eating disorders. (It’s a long read but worth every word.)

Or no nonsense, practical insights into adventure - like Veronkia Bridgeman’s Lessons from a First Time Expedition Leader. Or stories like Kelli Jackson’s unicycling the length of Taiwan.

We’re trying to fill a hole in the media coverage. To help support us, you can click one of those friendly red buttons.

Either way - welcome to the team! Even just by being here you’re helping to change things. We’ve got such big plans for 2021 and we’re very excited for you to be a part of them.

Stay intrepid,


P.S. Thank you to everyone who’s sent pitches for future editions. There are so many good ideas and so few slots! I’m still in the process of commissioning so will be contacting more people next week.