Finding My Brave: A Poem

UPDATE, January 2019 - you can now hear Jo recite this poem in her new film here!


I couldn’t find them in the fridge Not in a bar of salty chocolate nor homemade rhubarb jam I’d searched on Twitter trending and scoured Stories on the ‘Gram.

My body grew so nervous, I was anxious in my soul My joy and courage had gone AWOL I didn’t feel quite whole.

With treasured fins and board I headed for the beach Laced up trusty running shoes for a crag just out of reach.

With every moorland trail I ran As bracing waves were ridden I travelled closer to the place Where what I yearned was hidden.

I found a space my gentle breath Could soothe my worried soul Close all the open tabs And fill a love shaped hole.

Morning runs on heather hills, wild swims along the shore I discovered within what I’d been looking for.

A blossoming of joy, a sense of who I am A room to call my own, my brave that says ‘I can’.

I couldn’t find them in the fridge or looking on my ‘phone But on a windswept northern peak and cold embracing sea The answers I’d been seeking all along Came out to welcome me.

I am enough! My heart is full! This joy will set me free!

The hills and waves had brought me home. They’d brought me home me.

By Jo Moseley.

Jo is also known as HealthyHappy50 online, and is an advocate for the benefits which having 'everyday adventures' can bring. She's an enthusiastic 'plogger', surfer, paddle-boarder, Yorkshire Mum of two teenage boys, and Findra Ambassador. She's also a down-right great person and ball of fun to chat to. About this poem she said:

I wrote it as I was beginning to realise how much my little joyful adventures meant to me and the peace and confidence they bring. It’s perhaps a little late in life to fully appreciate this path to happiness & moreover that it is all entirely within me (not in comfort food or social media!) but I’m so glad I finally have!”

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