How to Find People to go on Adventures with

So you want to go on an adventure and you want to share it with people? Maybe make some cool new friends along the way? Here are some ideas where to find people:

1. Facebook Groups

There are simply loads of groups on Facebook. Some are women specific, like the Adventure Queens and Tough Girl Tribe. Adventure Queens have local subgroups and so do the Yes Tribe - a mixed group all about saying "yes" to trying something new. Then there are the activity specific ones. Everything from Find a Climbing Partner to paddleboarding to cycle touring. And if you're looking at doing a leadership qualification, there are groups like Women in Mountain Training and Women in Paddlesports Leadership.

All these kind of groups are great for easily connecting with people, especially locally. Although because they're so easy to join, you never quite know what people's skill or commitment level is, which might be a consideration, say for expeditions.

2. Commercial Expeditions

Companies run adventure challenges with open groups that anyone can pay to join. Simply search for a specific route (e.g. The Route of Parks) or a location/activity combo (e.g. surfing in Morocco). You'll find a ready made trip that will be filled with likeminded people. The company deal with all the logistics and guiding too, so all you have to do is show up.

I've never paid to go on a trip like that, but I've worked on some and people genuinely do make adventure friends. You'll start a WhatsApp group at the end of the trip and be booking your next adventure together before you know it. If you all meet on a trip, you're bound to all want to go on more.

3. Outdoor Clubs

Those old school things that existed before the internet. There are national, specific clubs like the British Mountaineering Club, Austrian Alpine Club UK, Pinnacle Club etc. But you're bound to have a local club that covers your adventure sport of interest, be that trail running or swimming or cycling. Sure you might have to travel a little bit, but you might be surprised what's on offer.

These groups tend to do smaller meet ups on a regular basis with maybe larger trips every so often.  For students, most universities will have some sort of mountaineering/ hill walking/ expeditions club at the very least. And if you're not a student, it's still worth looking at because they often let adults (who live locally) join too. Not always, but worth asking! Then of course there are things like the Ramblers but, at least where I live, they tend to have an older demographic.

4. Hang out with Adventurous People

Many expeditions (aka big adventure trips) are filled by word of mouth. Someone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone… Occasionally you see ones on bulletin boards like Explorers Connect (Find a Teammate) or the Scientific Exploration Society. I've seen Felicity Aston send out an expedition invite to her mailing list once. Or things floating around Facebook, like Pedal4Parks advertising for an extra team mate, and others. But you just never know do you…

And of course, you might be lucky enough to have a few adventurous friends from "real life" (I do 😁). But it's often a gamble trying to get other commitments and priorities to match up.

I've always wished that somehow I'd end up "In with the right crowd". As in, somehow I'd get an invitation to attend a secret meeting - or a mysterious letter to join a select club, full of adventures. Sounds a bit Hogwarts doesn't it. But somehow I'd end up in a group of adventurous people so I could just say, "Hey, I have this mad idea, who wants to come?" and everyone joining would be competent, reliable and add to the experience, not make it more stressful. Or vice versa: seeing someone else's plan and being able to say, "Hell yes I'm in!"

Well, I still haven't got a magic ticket into Adventurers Club. But why let that stop anyone? This is the kind of group of people we're creating inside the Intrepid members' area. We're a select group at the moment but if any of this resonates with you, then welcome! The more the merrier 😊

If you are part of an adventurous group (be it local, online or anywhere else) please tell us about it in the comments! What's great about it? Do you or have you ever gone on big trips together?