So You Want To Write For Us?

Amazing! It's people like you who make Intrepid Magazine the publication it is. We receive and commission articles from all sorts of people - what's important is not so much whether you call yourself a "writer" but that you have a good story to tell. 


Top Tips For A Great Submission

  1. Read all of the FAQs below.
  2. Think about which section of the magazine your article would fit in best.
    Inspire for adventure stories,
    Educate for anything er... educational,
    Pathways for anything involving a journey or transformation or "How I..."
  3. Follow the steps in the "What should my pitch look like?" FAQ below. The easier you pitch is to digest, the more chance you have of success.
  4. Actually read and follow the Contributor Checklist if you are commissioned. It will make everyone's life easier - including your's honest :)

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you read all of these for the best chance of success!

Points to Include that are often forgotten:

  • Your full name (yes really!)
  • Where can we find you on the internet? Website and your most active social media, if applicable.
  • Brief description of who you are to give us context.
  • Which section of the magazine is this for? (Inspire/Educate/Pathways/Review) It's ok to suggest several versions of one idea to fit different sections.
  • A brief description of your article idea. This might include a blurb-style overview and some bullet points or a teaser-style paragraph. Or something else...
  • MUST have the email subject as "New Article Submission" when sent. (Please use this exactly, including capitals, and nothing else)

When you're done, send it in the body of an email to [email protected]

Please only submit pitches rather than full articles in the first instance.

Articles are commissioned the day after the submission deadlines listed in the previous section. You will hear back from us if:

  • You have been commissioned for a particular issue. Not hearing back from us on one commissioning date doesn't necessarily mean you won't be commissioned on the next.
  • If you have sent the pitch to [email protected] with the subject New Article Submission, then you will receive an automatic receipt response. (Note: you must use that subject line exactly including nothing else, or the email will be skipped over).

    On the odd occasion where we have an unexpected gap in the magazine, we may contact you outside of the commission date.

If you are pitching for a future trip, please remember to include the date your trip takes place and which Issue you anticipate it fitting into.

If you pitch us an article that doesn't fit with these submission dates, we will simply keep it until the deadline for the next issue. 

Intrepid Magazine is published bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September and November each year. Our submission deadlines for each issue are:

12th March for May issue
12th May for July issue
.... etc

The deadline for the finished articles, if you are commissioned, would then be:

3rd April for May issue
3rd June for July issue
..... etc

If you pitch us an article that doesn't fit with these submission dates, we will simply keep it until the deadline for the next issue. 

Quick answer: yes.

Long answer: we pay for feature articles (what you find in Inspire, Educate and Pathways). As a new magazine, we can't pay much yet but we don't believe you should work for free. You can't eat exposure. Current rate is £30 for a ~1500 word article, which is the absolute most we can afford right now. Sorry if you find this ridiculous or offensive.

We don't pay for reviews of events, courses or gear because that somehow adds an element of bias. If you loved it enough to write 500 words on it, then it must be good.

We try to be as inclusive and open to new ideas as possible. However, it's worth having a check through this list before sending:

  • Articles which have been published already (including blogs). It's not fair to charge our readers for content that's freely available elsewhere.
  • Articles about traditional team sports without an element of adventure.
  • Articles about completely non-human-powered adventures. For example, Intrepid is not the place for motorcycle journeys or racing.
  • Articles that focus on gender inequality not adventures, outdoor activities or sports. Intrepid is not the place for them, sorry.

Check your emails around the commissioning date. If you receive a commission from us, then you'll need to respond asap to confirm that you're ok with deadlines etc and you're writing.

The copy deadline is a limit not a target. If at all possible, please send in before the deadline to allow Cara time to process articles.

You will be paid once the magazine has gone to print.

The Ed Team

Emily Woodhouse

- Editor

Emily loves mountaineering, adventure, search and rescue, camping, cycling, cycle touring… oh and knitting. She loves inspiring others to do the things they’ve secretly always wanted to, but felt like they couldn’t. Don’t be scared. Show the world what you’ve got.

Sarah Sharps

- Designer

Sarah is a climber and you can usually find her hanging off a rope somewhere in Yorkshire. She spends most of her spare time volunteering for various groups and has boundless enthusiasm for anything to do with the outdoors.

Cara Gillespie

- Sub Editor

Cara is a travel enthusiast, budding poet and book lover. She has travelled widely and spent time teaching in South America. When not planning her next overseas adventure, she can be found wasting away the hours in a bookshop or getting lost in the British Museum.

Georgina Jackson

- Social Wizz

Georgina also works full time as a systems engineer. When she’s not building plane engines, working on her van conversion or extending her DIY bouldering wall, she can be found climbing and hiking in the mountains, balancing on a slackline, or practising circus skills.

Eve Jones

- PR and Partnerships

Eve is a freelance journalist and outdoor enthusiast. Her favourite activities include climbing and mountain biking.

Jean Sellar

- Editorial Assistant


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