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Good evening!

It’s a magic five Wednesday month, so here’s something a little different from me (Emily). By the time you get this, I’ll actually be sleeping in a wood. Or at least bagsy-ing a hammock. My day job is working remotely as an adventure travel writer (yes, even before the pandemic) and this will be the first time I’ve seen my colleagues in person since the Christmas party 2019. Mental.

It’s been a crazy (insert other adjective of choice) year and a bit. But it feels like things are ever so slowly starting to come back together out of the chaos. Fingers and toes crossed. Certainly, over the past month or so, I’ve been doing a deep dive into Intrepid Magazine’s new format and how we can make it even better.

From this, it’s become clear how kind-of chaotic some of our processes are. In particular working with brands, be that gear reviews, press releases, competitions, discounts… Chaotic seems to be my word of the month. It’s not as bad as that, but it’s often down to chance and we’d love to get more structured and systematic with that. The same for helping authors publicise their books.

So we thought we’d turn to you. If you fit one of these categories, do have a read below and maybe sign up to hear what’s in store for the mag. If you don’t then we’d really appreciate it if you’d share it with someone who might.

For Brand Reps and PRs

I know there are quite a few of you on this list who work for outdoor or adventure related brands. Or perhaps you’ve even set up your own company. We’re about to be going into a period of growth and it would be fantastic if brands could get on board to support adventurous women. Especially if we can help you in return. If you’d like to hear about what Intrepid Magazine can offer you, plus some insights into where we’re going and how you might be able to get involved… please click the button below and sign up.

Join the Brand List

Emails will be infrequent - probably quarterly or less. We know your inboxes are already overflowing!

For Authors, Publishers and Self-Publishers

We are always on the look-out for people to be our Book of the Month. Up until now, this has happened pretty much by serendipity. But as more people hear about us, it would be great to be able to stay in touch about future slot and upcoming releases. We’re especially keen to hear from smaller publishers and people self-publishing independently. I’ve run that gauntlet and know how hard it can be to reach your ideal readers. Let’s help each other.

Join the Books List

Even if you haven’t finished your first draft yet, hop on board.

I’m afraid that’s all from me this evening. It’s getting late and I need to pack my bag for a very early train tomorrow morning. If you were hoping for a long read, then perhaps take a dive into our archives. There are so many great articles, dating all the way back to 2018. Or see where our recent discussion threads take you.

And I guess it wouldn’t be an update email without a quick plug for becoming a member. We’re not quite breaking even yet, so if you love Intrepid Magazine and want it to continue, it would be wonderful if you’d consider signing up.

Philanthropics aside, I’m very excited about all the plans we have in the works for developing the members’ community and benefits. (You can see some of the ideas here.) If you’d like to have a say in what we develop first, do join in.

Fingers crossed for a dry and midge-free night in the hammock!

Stay intrepid,