Book of the Month: Uncoiling the Ropes

Climbing memoir to read over Christmas

Hi Team Intrepid!

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This will be our last email of the year. We wish you all a good close to 2020 and a great start to 2021. Whether you’re frantically adventure planning for next year or riding down to the end of the year (tbh I feel like I’m doing both!) we hope you have a good one.


This month’s book is a climbing memoir by Clare Sheridan. She recreates in vivid detail the fears, the triumphs and the losses of a lifetime of heart-stopping adventures. Highly engaging and disarmingly honest, Uncoiling the Ropes gives a rare insight into the experience of a woman who has beaten her own path through the male-dominated world of mountaineering. With its reflections on risk and courage, motherhood, self-belief and the joy of living fearlessly, this thought-provoking memoir is a powerful read.

You can start reading in the members’ library here or buy a copy from Amazon or through No Alibis Bookstore online.


  • The Adventure Queens Grant is open until 31st December. £500+ worth of kit and mentoring for a first-time or new-ish adventurer. You can apply here.

  • Kim Swims is a documentary about Kim Chambers’ attempt to become the first woman to swim 30 miles through a stretch of cold, rough and shark-inhabited waters off of the San Francisco coast. Watch the trailer here.

  • Jessica de Korte has made a video about cycling from Milan to Rome across the Apennines Mountains, on an ebike. Watch it.

  • If you haven’t seen this interview with Jenny Davis on Mpora, it’s worth a read. Insight into her solo trip to the south pole and gruesome leg pictures.

  • National Geographic have done an interview with mountaineer Ariane Staubli, one of 39 female mountain guides in Switzerland.

  • Alice Morrison writes about her walk across Morocco for Metro.

Happy reading and see you all in the new year,