Book of the Month: All the Tors

New book, podcasts galore and interesting reads.

Hi Team Intrepid,

Well this is a bit of a weird newsletter. For a start it’s not a Wednesday today. And that’s because, honestly, I almost didn’t send it out. Because I felt awkward about it including my own adventures…

But then I thought, if any other women did these things would I be shouting about it? Answer: yes. Do I constantly wish that female adventurers did more self promotion so we could find them more easily? Yes!

So I’d better start by granting my own wish and getting over the fact that two of my adventures are in this email. I hope you enjoy the links we’ve found to get you through the dark evenings.


Dartmoor. 119 tors over 10 days. 300km. Solo.

To mark Dartmoor Rescue’s 50th Anniversary and her 25th year on the planet, Emily Woodhouse sets out on a solo expedition across Dartmoor. Boldly independent, she should have all the experience she needs from Dartmoor Rescue, mountain leading and 15 years of living on the moors. Although she has never walked so far for so long or wild camped alone before. Never mind that she can barely lift her over-packed rucksack.

But when horrendous weather sets in, Emily realises that a pleasantly strenuous challenge has turned into a survival mission. Battling forwards against the elements, she crosses the backdrop of her childhood, haunted by feeling so connected to this landscape and yet still being an outsider. As the tor count clocks up, Emily wrestles with the rules she’s set herself and the fine line between strong willed and stupid. Expect fog, bog and a personal journey towards belonging.

You can purchase the book here. Subscribers can log in and download the first 3 chapters to read here.


We’re back in lockdown in the UK and are honestly struggling to find much women in adventure news. Here’s a few things that we’ve spotted:

  • Kendal Mountain Festival has more than 200 films, 15 specialist sessions and over 30 literature talks. Live and on-demand until 31st December 2020.

  • Frankie Dewar’s Extraordinary Ordinary Womxn Podcast from her cycle around the UK has gone live here.

  • While we’re on podcasts, The First Mile podcast is an interesting mix of adventure stories and the practical side of adventure. Listen here.

  • And of course, if you’re short of listening material, the Tough Girl Podcast has almost 400 interviews with adventurous women:

  • Lucy Shepherd’s jungle expedition series on YouTube is now complete. Full playlist here.

  • Anna Blackwell is still sharing stories of her recent trek in Arctic Sweden on Instagram.

  • Elina Osbourne is about to head out on the Te Araroa trail of New Zealand. More info here.

  • Ursula Martin has posted a really interesting and in-depth gear list/review from her 4000 mile solo walk across Europe. Read it here.

  • Erin Bastian writes about why the One Ocean crew, who’ll be rowing across the Atlantic, are all women. Read it.

  • And Emily Woodhouse has broken the Guinness World Record for climbing the most 3000m mountains in a week. You can read the full expedition story (in 5 - well 6 - parts) starting here.

Well that’s all we’ve got for you today. Hope you’re all keeping well and at least a little adventurous.

Stay intrepid,