A Quick Adventure Round Up

Wild swimming film, new podcast and a top up for your reading list :)

Hello Team Intrepid!

Short and sweet from us today :)

Here’s a quick round up of what’s a-happening in the adventure world.


  • Lia Ditton, who broke the world record rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii, has just signed a book deal. So watch out for that in the future! She’s also doing a Live Q&A on 31st October. More details will be released here.

  • Vagabond Vicky writes about the Two Locks Walk in Abernathy Forest, Scotland.

  • Alice Morrison has finished her 1400km and 2.5 month walk across the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

  • Watch Hydrotherapy a short film about wild swimming and recovery, set in Snowdonia. Free to view here.

  • Cicerone Press, of guidebook fame, have started a podcast interviewing “authors, team members and other outdoor experts”.

  • The Next Challenge Grant (a wonderful grant for new adventurers) has been put on furlough until the 2021 application round. Details.

  • Watch Lucy Shepherd’s Expedition into the Amazon Jungle series on YouTube. Starting with part 1 here.


    Something I’ve been pondering this week…

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    - Ancient Chinese curse

That’s all from us for this week. Hope you’re still managing to get out and about.

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See you next week,

Emily and the Editorial Team