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Veronika Bridgman writes about her experience as a first-time expedition leader in the Patagonia. Read it here.

Emma Sawyer recounts her 4 days on the Juan de Fuca Trail last year. Read West Coast Wild here.

Bekoji100 is a film about two female runners from Ethiopia. Watch it here.

Nic Hardy is attempting to "bag" all the summits in Wainwright's Outlying Fells book. Read more about her local adventure here.

Have a read about the life of Monica Jackson, one of the women on the first all-female expedition in the Himalayas. Article here.

Podcast time! Have you come across Womexn of the Wild? Listen here.

And one from the archives: Rosie Watson tried - and failed - to run the length of the Pyrenees. Here's her story.


“When you focus on the good, the good gets better."
- Ester Hicks


Emily Woodhouse (that's me, hi!) is launching a book about her All the Tors Challenge: a solo journey of 300km to all the tors on Dartmoor. Expect bad weather, wild camping and a personal journey to belonging.

You can pre-order the book in hardback or digital here:

Plus there are some exciting wild camping and Dartmoor related rewards up for grabs.

AN EXTRA NOTE: Yes, this is me telling you about my book. But please, we LOVE supporting people starting out. It can be really hard to make something from zero and if we can help you, please just tell us! If you fit squarely into the female-powered adventure bracket - whether it's an adventure launch or a book launch or a gear company, an event... TELL US! We'll help you share it with the world.


Alongside the website refurb happening, it seems like the perfect time to make the A List actually happen. What's the A List? It's a list of adventurous women who share their stories with the world. We've got started, but we're sure you could make it even longer.

So please, if you follow someone (or indeed are someone!) who fits this bill - tell us about it! Reply to this email, message or tag us on any social media, send us a pigeon... with this person's name and website or the place you follow them, and what their adventure speciality is. Thanks a bundle.

If you'd like a chat, come and say hi in the Facebook Group. And share your creations, pictures, stories - all welcome :)

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