Can I ask you a favour?

Women's Adventure Magazine Needs Your Help!

Number 1: Tell Your Friends

Ladies and Gents, we're getting serious. We've moved to Mail Chimp hence the (hopefully) snazzy format of this email because there were so many of you showing an interest in a Women's Adventure Magazine.

The slightly crazy plan is to launch Intrepid Magazine in the new year. As in, if everything goes right, there'll be a January edition landing on your doorsteps!


Unless we find enough people interested in this magazine, it's not going to happen. So please, tell everybody! Tell your friends, your work colleagues, your mum, your dog... spread the word.

Anyone interested can prove it by popping their email address into this form:

Number 2: We're Looking For Contributors

Know anyone who'd love to write for us? They can get in touch via this page here:

Number 3: We're On The Prowl For Brands Who Take Women Seriously In The Outdoors

That's right, brands who understand that you don't need to make it pink and flowery for it to appeal to women. If you know someone in a company (however big or small) who'd like to work with us to create Intrepid Magazine, then please send them our way -

We'd love to talk about sponsorship, advertising space or discounts/competition prizes for subscribers.