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Resilience is key for adventure.

Because in adventure, just like in life, things rarely ever go to plan.

Stuff goes wrong, the unbelievable and the absurd are thrown into your path and you just have to deal with it.

I guess that's really what's important. It's not about what happens, it's about how you respond to it.

The adventurer who gives up when the going gets difficult is a very different person to the one who perseveres, who improvises and works out a way to continue.

Which story would you rather read?


Nikki Love is running around Ireland right now and schools are doing a virtual run alongside her. More here:

Faith Addison is running the length of the Britain and inviting you to come and run with her - be it 1km or 2400km! She'd posting daily updates to Facebook:

Team Like a Girl were competing in the Wadi Rum Ultra last week - I met some of these ladies back in July and they aren't all experienced runners! Daily race reports and videos here:

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Can you help? We're looking for someone to join the Ed Team and help with Intrepid Magazine's social media. I'm putting this out again because of low response from people who were interested back in July.

If you, or someone you know, is:

  • All over social media - knows how to grow following and engagement

  • Loves a challenge and the start-up spirit

  • Would enjoy and has the time to take it on and run with it.

  • This is a voluntary post, at least until the magazine starts making a profit!

Would suit someone with a background in digital marketing, or someone trying to build up a reputation/portfolio in social and digital marketing.

Fill out this questionnaire to apply by FRIDAY:


Want to be Intrepid Magazine's blog editor? Or know someone who'd be ace for the job? Again, re-advertising due to low number of applicants.

You would be:

  • Commissioning blog posts/interviews

  • Ensuring we have a good regular content schedule

  • You could write for the blog too or have a regular column

  • You could be working with brands on online reviews or content collaborations

I have a vision of the blog being the go to place for NEWS and OPINION about all things related to women in adventure. Think like The Great Outdoors online crossed with UKC crossed with epic woman-powered adventures...!

To apply fill out this form by FRIDAY:


- Walter Gropius


Thanks to everyone who came over and said hi at Shextreme Film Festival and Women's Adventure Expo.

You are such an awesome bunch of people.

It's always lovely to meet people in real life - and slightly weird when you recognise someone but don't know why! Thanks social media...

Who else would love to meet more of Team Intrepid in person? :)


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