On Post Adventure Blues & Gear Testing Opportunity!

Hi !

Well, I'm back. September has been a whirlwind of cycling, walking and battling against the weather. Please never let me do two big adventures back to back like that again!

It might sound great jumping from one adventure to the next. But it turns the transition into a mad sprint.

... and I always forget about all the packing and logistics needed just to get started.

Other than "What's next?" The most common question I've had is,

"How is it being back to reality?"

That question annoys me. I never left reality. I've created a life that allows me to squeeze in an adventure every now and again.

I guess they want me to talk about post adventure blues...

But here's a secret: right now, I don't get them.

What I get is pre-finish adventure blues, when I know it's nearly over and I'm sad a good thing's coming to an end. But I'm not sad about getting back to normality.

Controversial, but I think you only get post-adventure blues if there's something broken in the life you're going back to.

My life's not perfect. But when something's wrong having time away and adventure highlight the problem.

Adventure blues are a good thing.

They help you realise what's up in your life and make the change towards a life you don't feel you need to escape from.


Philly Bryde has recently finished walking 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada raising money for Women's Aid Foundation: https://phillybyrde.com/travels/pacific-crest-trail/

Sarah Hobby has one lake left to go in her challenge to swim all 13 lakes in the Lake District. Last stop, Windermere. Read Sarah's blog: https://solentsplasher.wordpress.com/

Emily Woodhouse (hi!) just got back from 10 days of solo unsupported wild camping on Dartmoor, completing the All the Tors Challenge... in all those storms. Read the full story here.

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It's that time of the month again! ;) In Issue 6, we'll be testing:

To apply to join the test team, sign into www.intrepid-magazine.com and head into the Membership Bonuses section. We'll pick the best person (persuade us) who can test the item in time and send us a review with pictures by 19th October. APPLY by 7pm FRIDAY 5th October.

P.S. Yes, you do get to keep it.


Women's Adventure Expo - Bristol - 6th October
Great event featuring entirely female adventurers. Come say hi to Intrepid Magazine at the bookstall! Check out the line up here: https://womensadventureexpo.co.uk/waexpo2018/

Shextreme Film Festival - Bristol - 5th October
It's all going on in Bristol! Friday night film festival with a female and outdoor adventure focus. http://www.shextreme-film-festival.com/

Women's Climbing Symposium - HarroWall - 6th October
Workshops and coaching


- Oscar Wilde


Okay, so if you've been on the Adventure Bulletin for a while, you'll remember I asked for help with the new Intrepid Blog and our Social Media... before September happened.

I solemnly promise I will be contacting everyone who expressed an interest at the beginning of next week to actually get these balls rolling.

Thanks so much for your patience.

In case that was so long ago people have moved on to other projects, if you're newly interested in taking charge of our social media or news-style women in adventure blog...

Contact emily@intrepid-magazine.com by Friday.


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Stay intrepid,

Emily & the Ed Team

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