The Last Push is Always the Hardest.

Hi !

Have you heard of the 80:20 rule? I came across it first in business, but it's so true for so many aspects of life.

It says that the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time. The last 20% of a challenge takes 80% of the effort...

Or, in other words, the last push is always the hardest.

I almost didn't send an email today. I almost convinced myself that I didn't have time and that it didn't really matter...

People probably don't read this anyway, right? They probably wouldn't miss just one email?

We're rammed right up against the print deadline for Issue 5 - that last 20% of the work taking 80% of effort...

I'm under 48 hours from leaving on a cycle tour round Ireland - 20% of the work left...

I'm close to the cusp of PR for my All the Tors Challenge - 20% to go, 80% of the time...

But the point is, that 20% is the difference between doing and not finishing. It's the difference between giving in and letting the voices in the back of your head win... the ones who say it doesn't matter.

Well it does.

It mattered enough to commit to starting. It matters enough to finish.


Ursula Martin is walking across Europe from Ukraine to Britain, starting at the beginning of September. To read about her and her 3700 mile walk across Wales:

Rohan Riches is almost at the end of her Scandinavian Trek, walking 3000 miles in aid of Melanoma UK. Read her stories here:

The Silk Road Mountain Race is still going! There are 68 riders still going out of 97 starters. Lee Craigie, Jenny Tough and Charlotte Thompson still in:


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Women's Tour of Sussex - 6th to 9th September
The organisers have gone out of their way to make a women's race equivalent to the men's and there's almost no one signed up. If you're a female cyclist, show that you care:

Ladies of the Lake - 16th September
Female only sportive based in Ulverston, with 3 different route choices.


- Yoda


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