Think you've watched every adventure film?

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Hope you're doing okay and sending best wishes to you and your family. Here are a few adventurous things we've found on the internet this week. Including more adventure films than sense...


The Power of Adventure Podcast hosted by Megan Hine was released recently. Six episodes with some interesting interviewees:

Jo Mosely is taking part in Everest in a Month challenge, raising funds for Skipon Food Bank. You can get involved with your own version of the challenge here.

Faye and Eve have put together some lockdown tips with an adventurous twist. Have a read here:

Think you've watched all the adventure films ever made? Well here's 100 adventure films you can watch for free and check you haven't missed. Note this is Part 4 (there are 300 others).

Fran Turauskis of Seize Your Adventure has just launched season 2 of her podcast, which focuses on adventurers with epilepsy. You can listen here (and on most other platforms).

And of course plenty more on the Intrepid Magazine blog:


“Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost."
- Erol Ozan


Well last week I said I'd be spring cleaning the website. Turns out the cracks and cobwebs went deeper than I imagined. Poor little website is coming up to its two year birthday after all. So, we're progressing to stage 2 deep cleaning this week! I'm making a brand spanking new website, ready to switch over when it's finished. Everything will work just like normal until I flip the switch though, so service as usual!

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