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Well, it's been a little while - and what a huge amount has happened in the world since then. You're probably being inundated with it, so we're not going to talk about that. What we are going to do is try to give you some light in a dark place. Here goes...


People are, understandably, not going off on adventures at the moment. But luckily for us, there's more ways to experience adventure. The first one is to plan future adventures for yourself. The dreaming part is often the most enjoyable stage.


Okay, so Amazon orders aren't going out, but there are loads of independent book publishers and shops out there.

Sophie Rooney's Rundinavia is available to sample in the Intrepid Magazine Member's area.

Vertebrate Publishing have 30% off site-wide

Anna McNuff has just published a big illustrated book full of 100 Adventures to Do Before You Grow Up. Age not specified ;)

Even More: Sarah Outen, Laura Kennington, Felicity Aston, Alice Morrison. Emily Chappell, Dervla Murphy...


Obviously us... if you're subscribed to Intrepid Magazine, you've already got pages of women in adventure stories. For £5 there's a heck lot of reading you can do in a month. And of course free online reading at

Even more: Outdoor Swimmer, Trail, The Great Outdoors, Sidetracked, Trail Running - some of these have been doing offers.


Again there are so many! Sarah Outen and Jen Randal's Home is now available on Vimeo.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival are sharing films to watch on their social.

Here's the list of free to watch BANFF Films that got leaked earlier in the month.

Even More: Red Bull TV, Sidetracked, Patagonia's YouTube, some of these.


Tough Girl Podcast by Sarah Williams. A must if you haven't tried it.

She Explores

Sparta Chicks Radio - a podcast for brave women:

Even More: Try some of these, also Jenny Graham's cycling round the world podcast and Wendy Searle's polar dispatches.


#RabAtHome is challenging you to do a lay-flat to win some gear, but has turned into a hilairous stop-motion competition. See this:

IsoBaa Merino giving out free baselayers to anyone who wears theirs for 30 days straight.

Stair Climbing join the trend of climbing mountains on your staircase. Examples here.

If you hear about more, let us know!


- Dory from Finding Nemo... almost.


Cycle Touring Festival (Online Edition)

Virtual event 25th-26th April, because the in-person version was cancelled.

More details:


Stair Climbing Challenge (Guinness World Record): 9th April 12-1pm

Ordnance Survey are trying to get a World Record for most people stepping up at the same time. Join them by climbing your stairs this lunchtime.

More details:


Writing this Adventure Bulletin has made me realise just how we really need a favourite blogs/books/podcasts page on I'm being put on furlough from work next week, so you will have my full attention! Anything you'd like to see made or improved, just drop me a line.

Stay intrepid,

Emily & the Editorial Team

P.S. Event/club/adventure/article that we've missed and you think is epic? Hit reply and drop us a line!