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annapurna nepal trekking Oct 14, 2019

Annapurna. The Goddess of the Harvest. This mountain is circumnavigated by the 230km Annapurna Circuit trek which crosses the Thorung La: a 5416m pass teetering on the brink of the Tibetan Plateau. Often voted the best long-distance hike in the world, it is trumped only by the base camp of Everest herself. In March 2019, I set myself on this challenge, alone and unguided.

The journey to the start line is somewhat of an initiation. Amidst the chaos of Kathmandu, people, obscure pieces of...

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Sophie Pavelle: Walking the 300 mile South West Coast Path (for an MSc dissertation!)

Sophie Pavelle is an adventurous zoologist and science communicator, passionate about sharing the wonders of nature with a wide audience, in an informal way. Since her trip in 2017 she's worked on various projects for the BBC as well as the Wildlife Trusts - and is still using social media as a way to share her passion for nature. Check out her website here, and Instagram here - for a beautiful stream of nature pics!

Sophie, tell us about your trip?!

In June 2017, I decided to ‘do...

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