WanderWomen Scotland - catching up with Anna Wood

“WanderWomen Scotland was inspired by so many different aspects of my life. My upbringing in a politically very closed and strict country has instilled the idea of being outside in nature meaning freedom from a very early age. Escaping from rules and laws and enjoying the lawless perfection of nature, stilling the mind and moving the body.

When my 2 boys were younger I flexi-schooled them for 5 years, meaning that they didn't go to school on mondays - instead we would climb trees, make...

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Finding My Brave - by Jo Mosely

UPDATE, January 2019 - you can now hear Jo recite this poem in her new film here!
I couldn’t find them in the fridge
Not in a bar of salty chocolate nor homemade rhubarb jam
I’d searched on Twitter trending and scoured Stories on the ‘Gram.
My body grew so nervous, I was anxious in my soul 
My joy and courage had gone AWOL
I didn’t feel quite whole.
With treasured fins and board I headed for the beach 
Laced up trusty running...
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