Women's End2End Relay: Q&A with Bex Band

adventure events interview Mar 25, 2020

After beginning adventuring in her mid-20s, Bex Band grew in confidence and expertise. In 2017, she made her love for the outdoors into a career by creating Love Her Wild, a community that organises group adventures and mentorship for women. We spoke to Bex about how the outdoors has impacted her life and Love Her Wild's biggest event yet: The Women's End2End Relay.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the Women’s End2End Relay?

Bex: The Women’s End2End is a hiking challenge stretching...
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10 Things I Learnt on my First Running Adventure

adventure running Mar 20, 2020

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The colours are beautiful, the midges are gone, and you don’t have to get up at a ridiculous o’clock to watch the sunrise.

Winter is on its way. With my first bunch of university assignments in and the promising forecast of abundant sunshine, it felt prime time to get out into the hills. As a completely new and highly enthusiastic trail runner, I set myself a new challenge: my first overnight running adventure.

Setting off on Sunday...

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Weirdest and Wildest Camping Spots in the UK

2born2travel was established in 2016 when George quit her job, sold her house and embarked on an adventure around Europe in her VW Caddy. Over the years her travels have introduced her to crazy likeminded adventurers and this is where the idea for BE MORE RANDOM was established.

BE MORE RANDOM is a series in which George and her friends hope to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, not to worry about what others think, be adventurous and above all have fun and enjoy life. Their...

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Test Post

adventure news test May 24, 2018

Wahoo we're setting up a blog!

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