Weirdest and Wildest Camping Spots in the UK

2born2travel was established in 2016 when George quit her job, sold her house and embarked on an adventure around Europe in her VW Caddy. Over the years her travels have introduced her to crazy likeminded adventurers and this is where the idea for BE MORE RANDOM was established.

BE MORE RANDOM is a series in which George and her friends hope to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, not to worry about what others think, be adventurous and above all have fun and enjoy life. Their adventures include but are not limited to sleeping in random places. Read on to find out George’s favourite ‘wild’ and crazy camping spots over the UK.


Dartmoor, Devon (George, Char & Corinna)  

The effort is almost always worth the reward, right? Why would you not want to lug your mattress halfway across Dartmoor, you might ask? Clear skies, shooting stars and a night of laughter – that’s why. Oh, and waking up next to some very curious sheep. Did I mention that the sunrise from the comfort of your own bed is also a good enough reason? We did get a few funny looks in the morning when we were racing against the rain to get the mattress back into the van. That’s one thing we still haven’t mastered: checking the forecast before we decide to sleep outside.


Anglesey, Wales (George, Char & Corinna) 

Falling asleep to the sound of waves has got to be one of the most magical ways to spend the night. Just grab a few ropes, a sleeping bag and a portaledge and then dangle yourself off a 100ft cliff and you’re magic. Well – right after you have gotten over the fact that you’re sleeping on the side of a cliff! There are few things to take your mind off it though: an epic sunset, the waves crashing against the bottom of the cliff, the seals pottering about and the landscape that surrounds you. There’s just one nagging question left in the back of your head: “how am I going to go for a pee tonight?”


Snowdonia, Wales (George & Char) 

You know that feeling you get when you pull in next to a stunning lake surrounded by a beautiful mountain backdrop and you think to yourself, “Yep, that’s where we're going to sleep tonight. Right there in the middle of that lake.” No? Well, I promise you, it could not have been a more perfect night. All you need is a blow up bed and a wet-suit in place of your standard set of PJ's. The lake was so flat and still and lit up by the moonlight. We had the odd bat fly by and the night sky was incredible. We didn’t want to fall asleep the sky was that amazing. However, we both got a little surprise at 3.00am when we turned to each other and realised we had forgotten to check the forecast. Luckily, we were only stuck in a five minute shower - and back to sleep it was.

If I have learnt one thing from sleeping in the middle of a lake, it’s that only one person will get a lie in - someone has to have an early morning dip to swim the bed back to shore!


Saunton, North Devon (George & Corinna) 

Now, why pay £300 a night for a room with a sea view when you can get it for free. That’s right – a double room with sea views for £0 per night. I mean, you might have to carry a couple of bedside cabinet’s miles across sand dunes and make several trips back and forth, but I like to think of it as a free workout. The heating system takes a while to kick in but when it does it's nice and toasty – so much so that you might want to crack out the marshmallows! The only suggestions I would make is to double check the weather forecast beforehand and to avoid booking this hotel in mid-November.


Torquay, Devon (George) 

If you like sleeping on hard, slanted beds then this one’s for you. For this mini overnight adventure I wanted to challenge myself a little bit – I’m not sure why, but none of the others were up for this one, so I had to go it alone! All I’m going to say is that it was an experience. Cold, wet and one very hard bed made it one of those things you try once and know that you have done it and will probably not be doing it again any time soon. On the plus side, I did catch myself quite a nice dinner.


written by Georgina Mckimm:

If you want to follow more adventures from George and her gang, you can check out their YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram @2born2travel


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