How I rode a unicycle the length of Taiwan* - Kelli Jackson

taiwan unicycle unicycling Dec 27, 2018
*In actual Taiwan, not just doing laps of my driveway to equal the distance.

Unicycle. It’s a word that often invokes circus images. It’s not something you’d associate with anxiety. But that’s exactly how it was that I came to ride a unicycle for eleven days and 430 kilometres, from the north to the south of Taiwan, in November 2018.

A few years ago, life threw me some difficult moments - as it does to us all, and I decided in celebration of making it through that...

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What I learnt from the Patagonia Adventure Activists - 8 key takeaways

When you find something that you can give some of your soul to, it’s the most fulfilling thing ever – Carmen Kuntz.

Patagonia’s Adventure Activists tour has travelled the country showcasing people who have paired their love of sport and adventure with environmental activism - trying to communicate big, gritty issues in a fun and meaningful way.

But what has adventure got to do with activism? Do we really need to drag these big environmental issues into EVERY single part of...

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Finding My Brave - by Jo Mosely

UPDATE, January 2019 - you can now hear Jo recite this poem in her new film here!
I couldn’t find them in the fridge
Not in a bar of salty chocolate nor homemade rhubarb jam
I’d searched on Twitter trending and scoured Stories on the ‘Gram.
My body grew so nervous, I was anxious in my soul 
My joy and courage had gone AWOL
I didn’t feel quite whole.
With treasured fins and board I headed for the beach 
Laced up trusty running...
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10 things no-one will tell you about Winter Climbing

Jenny is currently working for the Lake District National Park as an education facilitator. She has become a fairly regular climber in the lakes throughout the last year; found out on the crags and at the wall when the weather isn't playing game. She will always have a smile on her face if being out in the fresh air is involved. She tells us about her weekend in Scotland - the first winter climbing trip of the season!

This weekend I completed my first mixed rock and ice routes in the...

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Breathing Space: 12 memories of breathing adventure

air breathing guest blog Dec 07, 2018

How aware are you of air? Do you appreciate breathing in your life?

I feel that adventuring has made me a bit of a connoisseur!

Perhaps it started as a child, when before the invention of inhalers I struggled with asthma.  So I was sent to have ‘breathing lessons’ (good old NHS) and my wheezing turned to breathing – freedom!  Air became my friend to be cherished and enjoyed.

I love walking the Lakeland fells where I luckily live. The cool early morning air,...

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Berghaus Women in Adventure at Kendal Mountain Festival... PLUS exclusive interview with Anna Blackwell

Kendal Mountain Festival – fellow attendees, have you recovered yet? What a crazy packed weekend! I was there representing Intrepid, as official new Blog Editor for the team – woop!

One of my absolute must-go-to’s for the weekend was Berghaus’ Women in Adventure session on Saturday night – hosted by the one and only Anna McNuff. Anna is also known as the happiest and most enthusiastic person in adventure, and her achievements include running the length of New...

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Kendal Mountain Festival! 7 insights from Seonaid Lafferty, sustainability advisor for the festival

Welcome to our first Intrepid Blog! Instead of writing a nice, gentle, fluffy ‘Intro Blog’ we are going to launch right in and get talking about what’s happening this weekend – Kendal Mountain Festival. You may (let’s be honest, you HAVE) heard of this whopper in the adventure calendar. It has grown from a small film festival, into one of the most acclaimed outdoor gatherings the world has to offer. It is running from Thursday (yes, today!) to Sunday, and will be...

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Test Post

adventure news test May 24, 2018

Wahoo we're setting up a blog!

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