When I first heard the term ‘Wilderness Guide’ I pictured the chubby little boy from Pixar’s Up, plastered with Scout badges, toppling over from the…
Yes, it probably includes you! Let's help each other out (and do tell us how we can help you best - we're listening)
Where we're heading, what to expect and open for submissions!
Deepti Marchment talks through cycling 750 miles from Yorkshire to Orkney, with everything you need to know to do it too or create your own bikepacking…
Open Thread: Female Adventurers (Names/ Websites)
"We crawled to the summit foot by foot. I am not being dramatic, it really was like that."
Sal Montgomery writes about her expedition, kayaking rivers in Ecuadorian jungle. (+Banff Press Pass Opportunity)
Leah Wersebe interviews Monet Izabeth about her expeditions to find her great-uncle's plane crash, who went missing in WWII.
Book of the Month: Time on Rock by Anna Fleming