Leah Wersebe interviews Monet Izabeth about her expeditions to find her great-uncle's plane crash, who went missing in WWII.
Leah Wersebe
Following Nellie Bly by Rosemary J Brown, review a new-release packable dry robe
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Test gear for us, all the adventure announcements and Following Nelly Bly
Intrepid Magazine and Emily Woodhouse
Helen Gully
Tina Page reviews the Untold Stories adventure film package, including Cholitas, Slacksisters and Piano to Zanskar
Tina Page
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Award winning outdoor and wildlife photographer Vanessa Dewson reveals everything you need to know to take fantastic photos from your kayak.
Vanessa Dewson
Open Thread: BOOKS!A weekly dose of female-powered adventure for your inbox. Where are all the women in adventure? They're here.
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Sal Montgomery writes about her expedition, kayaking rivers in Ecuadorian jungle. (+Banff Press Pass Opportunity)
Sal Montgomery
View free on 16th-19th April and write a review for Intrepid Magazine
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Take it All on Board by Kate Mumac, Book and Gear Review Ops, plus join in with a running adventure
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